Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Music Room

Here is my final pink summer decorating post before I put it all together in a home tour. Like you need that much pink *all* in one post:-)

This is my music room and front entry all in one small corner of a big open space. It's the best way to work this room for us, as unconventional as it may seem. Some of you will remember it as our dining room a few years back. You can see some of the transformation HERE

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The 1880s inherited pump organ is a favorite of mine and it is appropriately located on the wall I covered in extra sheet music last fall. 

My grandmother's antique Harden settle works so well here in this space. It was sold to someone in our community years ago, and a sweet friend gave it to me for my birthday last year. It is so special to me. 

I added the drop cloth drapes this winter and love how they soften these doors and make the ceiling appear higher.

I'm all about brass again this summer, and these were less than a dollar at a local thrift store. 

I pulled out my "Blue Willow" from the cabinets and placed it all into the corner cabinet Luis built out of reclaimed wood and a tree my dad cut. I love the dark blue with all the hot pink, and it's a nice change of shade from the aqua I had for several years.

My favorite flowers are lilies, and these Asiatic lilies just make me happy. My mother gave me a bag of bulbs several years ago, and I added a couple orange day lilies. The Italian vase was actually a dime store Christmas gift for my mom when I was in fourth or fifth grade. 

Another vintage silk sari adds a pop of color to the dark wood of the piano and works so well with the overdyed rug. 

This corner has our vintage rotary phone, and yes, we use it all the time. 

Instead of the original vintage art I normally use, I pulled out this Degas print for a change. It was in the girls' room before I revamped it last summer, and I thought it would go so well here.

Even though it's small, this is a space I love. I enjoy practicing here with the windows all around and looking out at nature's best. It was definitely a great decision to switch the dining space to another area and put the piano here. It's just another example where thinking outside the box can give you a great result you might not have thought of. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you missed any of my other summer decorating posts, just scroll down the Home page, and you can see them all listed there.

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  1. I love, love,love the addition of the pink to this gorgeous room. So pretty.

  2. Your music room is so lovely! What a beautiful room to practice in. Jo

  3. What a very special room Anita and love that you added your signature summer pink in the room. How great is it that you have your Grandmother's settee back in the family....I can only imagine the wonderful music being played in that room and filling the entire house with sweet melodies.

  4. Your music room is almost as lovely as you Anita. Sweet room! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. I love the fact that all of your pieces have a meaning behind them, you must just beam with the memories when you walk into the room :) & your Blue Willow collection is amazing-I hope to be able to have one just like it as I get older :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista