Thursday, August 6, 2015

Color inspiration from nature and a smile

My mother not only grows all her own food, she also grows the most gorgeous flowers.

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From spring until late fall, she always has something beautiful blooming all around her house and grounds. I sneak over sometimes and cut here and there hoping she won't notice I've snitched something:-) She always knows, though, because somehow, she is acquainted with each beautiful bloom.

As much as I love lilies, I think zinnias are taking first place amongst my favorites these days. I *love* the beautiful vibrant colors so much...

...and I think it is obvious they have influenced my interior colors this spring and summer. Combined with the vintage silk sarees I ordered from India, they make a combination that you cannot help but smile at. 

Mother's cone flowers have been magnificent and range from light pink to deep, velvety purple. 

Of course, I have to sneak some kind of lily in, and this tiger lily, which belonged to my maternal grandmother, now resides in my mother's garden -- its vibrant blooms reminding us of a most beautiful and graceful woman. 

And speaking of Tiger -- Mother's cat certainly enjoys overseeing the garden in these lazy, hazy days of summer.

How amazing it is that something as simple as a flower, or a beautiful cat, can inspire such a needed and healthy response as a smile. 

It's the little things:-)

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  1. A beautiful post full of colorful and vibrant flowers and a kitty. But most of all, the words of love from a daughter for her mom and grandma. That's why I love your blog, family. Kathleen in Az

  2. How very beautiful, both the flowers and your color choices.

  3. As a advice gardener myself I too just fell in love with zinnias. My giant deep pink zinnias I picked up at the nursery this spring have become more wonderful in performace than I had expected. I'm planning on starting a few seed trays of them next year to bring on more color. Loved reading that your grandmother's tiger lily is now living in your mothers garden....How sweet that is. And who doesn't love a cute orange kitty! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolutely stunning. You've inspired me to plant Zinnias next summer. Loved this post!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous...Your photography is impeccable!!...Stunning!