Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A new kilim rug for the kitchen and sources

You all know how much I love my rugs, so you will appreciate my excitement over this new kilim runner for the kitchen:-)
***NOTE there is an update at the end of this post with sources.

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I found this Afghan Shivran kilim at the ecarpetgallery ebay store. They actually have a web site, but the ebay store has better deals. I have bought several rugs from them, and they have been great to work with--even with returns. 

Here is a little info on this particular style of rug from the sellers: 

"Caucasus style rugs and sumaks are primarily hand woven by nomadic tribal weavers in Afghanistan. They have a very bold geometric design and multiple borders, which borrow largely from Turkoman and Tajik tribal influences."

I searched for months to find the right colors and pattern and finally found this one. You can definitely find what you're looking for if you are patient. This one was on sale for $58, and I got free shipping. You can't beat that.

I also found a great source for vintage kilim pillow covers, again on ebay. 

I searched for a while to find a reliable source after almost losing some money on an etsy transaction which went south. Luckily, I used paypal to pay and was refunded relatively quickly. Then I ran into Zafercarpet on ebay and not only were the prices great, the pillow covers were on my doorstep within 3 days from Turkey. Gotta love DHL.

I was looking for specific colors, so it took a little longer to find the right ones, but I could not be happier with these.

They really add a tribal feel to my decor, and I think that keeps the vintage look fresh and modern.


I bought the last pillow cover from Decolic Kilim Pillows and was also very pleased with the pillow cover, price and shipping.

Again, I just *had* to have something different as far as color, but couldn't be happier with how these colors bring everything together.

I am first and foremost a bargain shopper and find that tenacity always pays off. If you are shopping on ebay or etsy, I do recommend looking at the sellers feedback and method of shipping so you are sure to buy from a reputable seller. I also highly recommend paying with paypal as they guarantee transactions, so you will be covered in case of fraud, etc.

This is *NOT* a sponsored post, but I like to share a good deal when I find it, so if you are looking for a bargain on a good quality kilim, or other carpet, definitely check out ecarpetgallery


***Since I wrote this post, I discovered two amazing stores I *highly* recommend. 
Not only have they provided me beautiful samples, I have been so pleased with their products, I have purchased from them as well and consider both stores my go-to for kilims. 

For more sources for Turkish rugs, etc., you might be interested in these posts:

I'll be joining:


  1. oh Anita, just gorgeous! I love all the fabulous color!

  2. Such richness in color that adds warmth and coziness in your home, stunning!
    I like that you're choosing the colors and style you love and not a trend, that to me is home.
    Kathleen in Az

  3. What a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. Deb

  4. Hello Anita,
    It a pleasure to visit your lovely home that you decorate with such care. Wonderful pillows sure can change the atmosphere of a home. Like the bright colors!

  5. I never thought about using a long runner rug in front of my kitchen sink area.
    I Think I'll start looking for a similar rug since it looks so good in your area
    and the colors are perfect

  6. As always, your style & decorating are amazing! You inspire & encourage me :-)

  7. Stunning rug Anita...what a most wonderful and perfect addition to your home!

  8. My, but that new rug and those pillows are gorgeous, Anita! The rug is perfect for your kitchen too.

  9. That is gorgeous, and so are all the pillows! I pinned it to my "Spotted at the VIP board - https://www.pinterest.com/knickoftime/spotted-at-the-vip-vintage-decor-repurposed-projec/

    I'll be sharing on FB today here - https://www.facebook.com/KnickofTime/

  10. So bright and fun, and a deal... you can't beat that! Love from Indiana....Brooke

  11. These are really beutiful pieces. The rug gives a vibrancy to the room and warmth as well. The pillows add texture and beauty to a neutral palette.

  12. i love all the kilim! i found a great dupe for my kitchen rug from overstock. definitely not one of a kind, but it looks kilim-esque and was a great deal!

  13. I love it! Would love to find a good one for my own kitchen!

  14. Superb. For your information, decolic kilim pillows moved to www.somkilimpillows.com

  15. Before getting your blog, I wouldn't know that how much you love the rugs. I must appreciate your excitement over the modern runner for the kitchen. I have a luxurious kitchen and I was thinking to decorate this nicely. Your kitchen has been nicely arranged spreading the kilim rug. So, now I am thinking to follow you.