Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bohemian Summer Home Tour

Is it summer already?? It is certainly in full swing here in the North Carolina mountains, and I'm happy you are here for a tour of our little house. I'm honored to be part of Marty's Summer Home Tours again, and so glad you came by after visiting Debbie's beautiful home

Be forewarned that I love color. And lots of it. For real. 

We don't really have an entry so everyone comes through a set of french doors that open into what also serves as a music space. My hubs and I are both musicians so I have finally embraced the fact that there are instruments everywhere. 

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This antique Harden settle was in the old house, then sold at some point. A sweet neighbor gifted it back to me on my birthday a few years ago, and I couldn't be happier to have it back home. It's my only piece of Mission furniture, but it blends nicely with everything else.

I love color, and I love kilims -- in any form -- rugs, pillows, and I have been known to throw them across tables and benches. 

Of course a 1970's record player from my childhood rests on an 1880 pump organ.  

There are guitars everywhere, so why not make them part of the decor? I used to make Luis pack them up and put them out of the way then I realized they are part of our lives:-) 

Our house is tucked into a mountainside with lots of trees, and I love them so much I have to bring some inside as well. 

Next up is our living room...

Our house is super small, and with a family of five, every inch has to function. The living area is where we hang out, watch DVDs and do homework. 

I layered the Berber Moroccan Diamond rug over a jute rug. I've been layering rugs for years, and it's a great way to make a too-small rug fit a space properly.

I also love having furniture on the diagonal. This is another great way to open up a small space. Kilim and velvet pillows, a Moroccan wedding blanket and faux fur add texture and color to the thrift store French-style sofa.

I love to mix things, so Cherokee stick ball sticks hang on windows from the old house, and eclectic accessories draw the eye to the corner.

This is my great grandmother's radio my dad listened to FDR's funeral on as a small child.

Navajo pottery is at home on the wagon wheel table my dad made.

The Eames-style lounger is a favorite of everyone here.

An antique table is covered with an Afghan kilim to add color and texture.

I also have a thing for mid-century lighting, so this vintage "flying saucer lamp" is one of several I bought off ebay and rewired. 

A mid-century stool is paired with an early 1900s chaise that belonged to my great grandmother.

A plain old provincial, french chair gets a mod update with a colorful kilim lumbar pillow.

On the other side, a mid-century "guitar pick" table keeps the antique furniture and accessories from feeling too stuffy.

Next up is the dining room, which is, again, a mixture of styles and periods punched up with textiles and color. The fuchsia overdyed rug from Unique Rug Store is the foundation for the room.

Moroccan lanterns keep things open and allow the artwork to take center stage.

I covered the World Market bench with burlap years ago and cut the faux fur fabric in the shape of a sheepskin. 

On the table, I really simplified things and just used a brass tray with candles, and some empty candlesticks. 

And Indian sari curtain, vintage Chinese silk and velvet add pops of color. 

I made the dream catcher and love it hanging on this door from the old house.

A statue I bought in Bolivia is right at home with a Navajo pot and painting by my late Montana uncle. 

I made the dining table from wormy chestnut and had a local craftsman make the base, and it has certainly stood the test of time with school and art projects by three kids.

The kitchen is next and just a colorful as everything else around here.

It dawned on me the Turkish coffee can would be perfect for holding kitchen utensils. I love a good cup of Turkish coffee:-)

This kilim rug is a favorite from Unique Rug Store, and the silk sari that I cut into pieces, is just draped on the rod pretending to be a sink skirt. The adorable elephant towel came from World Market last summer.

I found the striped towels at Walmart a couple years ago and love them. In fact, I have bought them in several different colors. 

I got out the blue and white for summer and restyled the shelves with a little more color than usual.

I've been reviving my elementary school macrame skills and made this little planter last year.

This cutting board is my pride and joy and was made by Cherokee artist Ken Smith. Did I mention how much I love it?

I love, love, love these "whippoorwill" napkins from World Market, but they are out of stock everywhere. 

You can see the girls' room here. And no, it does not look like this now. They are actually giving it more of a boho/global look since they are now 17 and 15, and I'm fine with that because rooms should not be static, but always be evolving. 

I bought paint and bedding for my son's room, and *hope* to get it done this summer. 

Now to the master bedroom, which is nothing if not colorful. 

I restored the iron bed, that I found on the property several years ago.

If you've been here before, you'll notice I moved the bed back in front of the windows, and I'm really glad I did. It really opens up the space and creates more room on the sides of the bed.

 My great grandfather's drop leaf table works well here and looks great underneath the antique, inherited mirror. 

I'm using iron candle sconces for costume jewelry.

A chindi rug ties colors together and adds softness.

I gave a slight nod to the gallery wall but really just put up vintage paintings by a couple different family members.

I'm still in love with the doors I installed from the house my dad grew up in.

On the bed, I layered a chenille spread with my hot pink diy moroccan wedding blanket and an assortment of pillows...

...pillows with lots of texture.

On my grandmother's old trunk I layered a Turkish kilim.

An afghan kilim adds a lot of color to the floor. 

That poor blue cabinet just will not leave here. I have searched for three years for the perfect armoire to fit in that space and have yet to find one. This is when you do with what you have until the perfect thing comes along. I just wish it'd hurry up and come along.

Plates from Bolivia, a Navajo wall hanging, and an original painting by my late uncle from Montana add more texture to this corner. 

This mid-century chalkware lamp is a favorite of mine.

On the other side is the mantel I made from an old door. 

The Moroccan mirror adds such a nice pop of bold color against the white, and an inherited vintage incense burner adds sparkle. 

The chair was a thrift shop find and is layered with faux fur, a vintage sweater, kilim pillow and a fun palm tree pillow.

That's about it for the inside of our little house. You can see some of our outdoor spaces and porches HEREHERE and HERE

 I'm so happy you came by and encourage you to check out all the other ladies on this tour.

Next up is the very talented Christy of Our Southern Home, so be sure to go by and see her beautiful home. 

Thanks again to Marty for hosting and organizing this tour. She is just the best:-)

Monday – June 12
Tuesday – June 13
Wednesday – June 14
Thursday – June 15
Friday – June 16

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  1. I love your home and all your color. You mix patterns with such a skillful hand and I love it all. Thanks so much for joining the tour, your home is always one of my very favorite.

    1. Thank you so much Marty!! And thank you for inviting me -- it means a lot:-)

  2. Such cheery summer tour happiness. I adore your coffee bar. It's so fun to share this tour with you.

  3. YOur home tour is something I look forward to each season Anita, just oh-so-lovely! As always, honored to share this home tour with you, Cheers!

  4. I love all the vibrant color, Anita, and your unique personal style! just beautiful!

  5. Your style is so happy, colorful, unique and pretty and I always enjoy your tours.

  6. I am swooning over your house and all of your kilims and bright colors and cowboy paintings. This is what I strive for and it looks to be so natural and comfortable in your home. I am so excited of learning about your blog through this summer's tours!

    1. Thanks so much Alison!! I hope to inspire people to do their own thing then it just seems to work:-)

  7. Beautiful Home! Love all the vibrant colors!

    1. Thanks Veronica!! I love color, it seems:-)

  8. Your home shows how you honor family heirlooms and heritage, love of music, and styles of mid century and eastern cultures. A beautiful and colorful home. I always enjoy your posts.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Thanks so much Kathleen for always coming by and encouraging me:-)

  9. Your home and decor is beyond AMAZING. Words just can't really describe it all. Every single piece, every item placed just right....BEAUTIFUL! Your personality just shines and sparkles all over, like a magic wand was waved over each and every!!!!

  10. always a favorite of mine- your colorful happy home makes me smile!

  11. Your home is a wonderland that I could get lost in!! I love the photography of all your nooks so carefully decorated. I know each piece was sought after and carefully chosen. Your color scheme all but takes my breath away. And...i have found ideas from just about every photo that I want to borrow and attempt to get your look. Congrats on all you do! You eye is amazing!

    1. Jeanie, thank you so much for your kind words! I do hope people are inspired to do something different so thank you for the affirmation:-)

  12. I love your home! It feels so real and inviting. I wish that I had your skill in putting everything together.

    1. Thank you Arell! I'm sure you do a great job yourself:-)

  13. I so love how you aren't afraid of color in your home! It feels so fresh and new every single time I come back to your page, even if you've only made a few changes in the details. I loved how you shared about your grandmother listening to FDR's funeral on the radio-my husband and I just got back from a visit to Warm Springs, GA where he died in his Little White House and it was an amazing place to visit!

    xoxo, SS

    1. I used to live in Pine Mountain when I worked at Callaway Gardens right after college, so I remember Warm Springs well!!

  14. Anita- your colorful home is such a welcome sight....any season.

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I just love your use of color throughout. So many treasures to look at. Your photography is amazing!

    1. Thank you Christy! I get a little crazy with color:-)

  16. Your home looks absolutely beautiful Anita! Looks like it's straight out of a magazine!

  17. I love your colorful, happy home!! Happy Summer :)

  18. I love the way you use color in your home and I love your mix of texture, antiques, modern and Native American. The color looks great because your walls are light and nothing competes and everything flows. Such an inviting space! The natural wood looks great mixed in with everything too.

  19. I love the way you use color in your home and I love your mix of texture, antiques, modern and Native American. The color looks great because your walls are light and nothing competes and everything flows. Such an inviting space! The natural wood looks great mixed in with everything too.

  20. Absolutely stunning!!! Your home is divine!!! As a fellow color lover you give me a run for my money. Love the pattern and color mixes.

    1. Thank you so very much!! Love, love, love what you do!!

  21. You have very beautiful home, I jut loved the greens all over your place. You should keep some sandstones there as well. Read this for better insights: blue sandstone meaning