Monday, October 15, 2018

Fall at the Boarding House

Wow, it just seems like summer wanted to hold on forever here in the mountains, which is so unusual, but finally things are cooling down enough to give us true fall-like weather. 
As I've done the last two years, I got to add some fall magic throughout Balsam Mountain Preserve, so I thought I'd show y'all the Boarding House first. 

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This building is a meeting place for the mountain and includes a restaurant, fireplaces and many wonderful spots to just relax and enjoy the views. With that in mind, the entrance needed some fall accents, but nothing that gets in the way of traffic in and out. 

I wanted to keep things rustic, but not too country, so I used a variety of pumpkins and squash along with croton plants and corn stalks. 

I made the bows, as I always do, by ripping strips of different coordinating fabrics. I absolutely love this look, and not only is it unique, it is totally customizable depending on what the color scheme is. 

Because the croton has such bold color, I used bold colors in the pumpkins -- combining golds, bright oranges and greens. 

I think the croton plants are a wonderful alternative to mums.

I chose black pots for the plants to coordinate with the black iron on the lanterns. 

This is such a beautiful place that it really doesn't need much -- just a few things to accent the beauty. 

I'll have lots more from Balsam Mountain Preserve so check back, and follow me on Instagram for more updates.

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  1. It looks just beautiful Anita. I love your idea of the material used as bows for the corn stalks. I am going to steal that one next year!

  2. wow! This Fall display is just gorgeous! I have never seen the torn fabric used like that to make a "bow" creative!