Monday, December 16, 2019

A centerpiece for mother plus 8 more Christmas centerpieces using a long board

I love to create a pretty centerpiece for Christmas, and the last few years I've used a long board as the base, so I thought I'd share one I created for my mother then eight more of those ideas with you all in one post.

One thing I love about using a board, is they are easily removable if needed. Because our dining table is the only table we have, sometimes it's necessary to remove everything for some kind of school project, etc.

My mother wanted a similar centerpiece for Christmas, so I made a runner out of plaid taffeta then layered my board on top.

She gave me the sugared fruit ornaments years ago, and I've never actually used them on the tree but always for centerpieces and such. Here, I filled a mosaic bowl with fruit ornaments then filled in with boxwood, white pine and pine cones.

I put down a layer of cedar, then layered on pine, boxwood, pine cones and more fruit,

She had these inherited red glass and silver plate candle holders so I placed them beside the red glass bowl.

I just love the layers in this kind of centerpiece, plus it is not too high for conversation.

What a pretty arrangement for my mother's beautiful dining room!

Below are eight more centerpieces I have designed on long boards. Even if you don't have access to old wood boards, anything flat and long will work. Of course, you could also pick up a board at a store like Lowes and stain it, or paint if that's the look you want. There are tons of options!

These are such easy centerpieces to create, and you can go as fancy or as simple as you want.

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  1. I love candles and beaded fruit together in a centerpiece. The fruit seems to pick up the candle glow so subtly, but beautifully. The wide shots of your parlor and your music and dining areas are just amazing. Your home is so cozy and welcoming. It's nice to see the flow between rooms.

  2. Such splendor! I love the use of both real and faux fruit and envy the brilliance of your photography.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm drooling over those red candle your home so much, it's truly beautiful!