Monday, September 28, 2020

Far Above Rubies is now Whispering Pines!!

Well hello friends! Yes I am still Anita from Far Above Rubies, but I have made a change I've been wanting to make for a while😊 

The Whispering Pines sign was made by my grandfather and hung on the porch of the old house here (photo circa 1927-28), which was, sadly, torn down in 1959. If you've been here for long, you'll remember many of its architectural details were saved and carefully stored in another house here, and those are the pieces we are restoring and using in our home on the same property. 

I'm not sure when or why "The" was cut off, but this is how I found it many years ago when I moved it to our porch.

It was an easy decision to make the change to use Whispering Pines for my blog as I had been using it on Instagram for some time. I had some issues with the change, the most maddening 😡😡😡 one being my old domain is *still* not redirecting to the new one, but I'll get that fixed somehow! 

For the logo, I knew I wanted to use the sign, but I also wanted the pine trees to look like this cute little stand that used to be in granddaddy's store. Daddy said a lady here made jam, and there was a little shelf to hold the jam in the center. I just adore this shape so we used that for the trees and the sign for the background.

The only thing changing is the name, and all of my platforms will be consistent. 

There have been some changes on the porch, including these functioning shutters I'm almost finished with.

They are painted the same dark green as the shutters on the old house were.

But first, fall.

Thanks so much for being on this journey with me, and I look forward to much more!

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  1. Congratulations on making the change! That had to have been so much work and probably a lot of frustration. I love reading about your family history and seeing how you use items from your family in your home. Your porch looks like a delightful place to enjoy.

  2. I love the changes you made and love the porch in the mountains!

  3. My home was named Whispering Pines too! We had a 150 year old house purchased in 1997. I wanted to name her and was searching for a name. Attending a historical meeting, I met a woman that played in our yard as a child. She stated that all her friends like to play there because the pine trees were always whispering to them. I thanked her and told my husband I had a name for our house, we called her Whispering Pines. We had large Ponderosa Pines all across the front yard. I always enjoy reading about your home and the history.

  4. Love the porch, especially those beautiful green shutters! What color is that?

  5. I love the changes you have made to become 'Whispering Pines Homestead' and the story behind the change. The porch looks amazing as always. I love that green on the shutters.