Tuesday, July 13, 2010

April Cornell and vintage Hull...

I found a beautiful runner at April Cornell and wanted to do a table with it for a while. The only floral options I have right now are my lilies, and since they are just about finished blooming for the season, I thought I better do it now! This is probably not a table you would look at and think "April Cornell" but you know I always like to go a different direction. Let's start with the centerpiece...

I gathered lilies, "butterfly weed," coreopsis, daisies, black-eyed susans, ferns, mums, zinnias and queen Anne's lace from my mom's property and mine. I used a vintage cookie jar to hold the flowers. See the runner? That is from April Cornell online.  

Again, I used my everyday candleholders, chargers, flatware and napkin rings just to show you that you can change only a few items and create a whole different look. 

The gold napkins are from World Market. I made the red and green ticking napkins from fabric I bought at a local store. I was looking for something for everyday napkins, and I just love this. It washes very well also, which for me is very important.  

I started out with only the red, but it looked too "Autumnal" so I added the green, and I kind of like the randomness of using both!

These are Hull "Brown Drip" dinner plates and salad plates. You will notice I used a cream plate with brown edging on each end. I really wanted to keep it as light and summery as possible with all the dark, warm colors.

These iced tea glasses are "Argus" by Fostoria and were made in the 1970s. These are pretty much our everyday glasses as I use them with the Franciscan Ivy also. I had eight 3-piece place settings, and my mom just added four more for me:-)

So there you have another way to use beautiful April Cornell linens with everyday dinnerware. I encourage you to shop vintage, antique, used, etc., for dinnerware because it's the "greenest" thing you can do. There are so many beautiful dishes, glassware and flatware patterns that were made in American factories.

I'll be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" for "Tablescape Thursday" so stop by there to see some wonderful tables! 

Thanks so much for stopping by here:-) I have some vintage pink and blue "Melmac" for a fun 1950s table coming soon!!



  1. Oh my goodness, Anita! This is positively magical...I ♥ the whole scene but especially the centerpiece!

    The place settings are rustic yet classic, too. I think you did a great job of bringing in the colors of the tablerunner & lightening the brown plates with the white on top. Good thinking!
    We have the same flatware, you know...American Harmony. :-) I also have ONE candlestick that is very similar to yours but its waaaay up on top of one of the kitchen cabinets. I'll need a younger body to get it down for me but I will use it soon in a t'scape. Thanks for showing us yours on your very pretty table.


  2. Your lilies are beautiful- we just discovered some on our property and will transplant them closer to the house this fall- and yippee - they are orange- love them.

    beautiful tablescape- you have used such a variety of elements that work so well together. hope you are having a great summer

  3. Hi Anita!
    Oh this is so warm and rich in color!

    The addition of the creamy white dishes does really add so much light to the table setting.
    I love the warmth of it all!
    The flowers are so beautifully arranged too~

    I just bought an April Cornell small embroidered tablecloth on ebay!
    I was shopping for vintage linens and spotted it!

    You are so right about shopping vintage ... Earlier this summer I purchased sweet bowls from Austria for $2 for 5 bowls! I got them in a bargain basket at a local antique shop...
    They have become my favorite bowls...
    I'll post about them sometime!

    Enjoy your week, Anita!
    Blessings always,

  4. So beautiful and welcoming! Love it!

  5. Anita that is beautiful! I love that you do your own arrangements from the flowers i your yard. You are one crafty lady! I think the picture from the ceiling is awesome!!! Just don't hurt yourself!!!

  6. Beautiful as always girl! You have such awesome taste. Be blessed. Cindy

  7. What a beautiful runner! I also love your green glasses, really special for every day!

  8. Anita, I always love seeing your latest. That table runner is absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea that April Cornell (new to me since I started participating in TT) had linen looking runners. I thought everything was cotton. Sigh... I want one just like yours! :) I also love seeing your corner cabinet. My parents had one when I was growing up and I thought it the most clever thing. I like the variations that you showed us. Your double napkins are so pretty together. Ticking is a great idea. I am not sure that I can endorse your hanging from the ceiling but photography is about the only thing that gets me in places I shouldn't be. Be careful! :) I almost finished without commenting on those beautiful flowers. I love the fact that you are grabbing a few from your mother's too. My mother's garden always seems to look better than mine. They look so nice in the cookie jar.

  9. Beautiful! Love that table runner and you have picked up the colors and feeling of it perfectly. I love how you used the hull drip brown plates. Gorgeous and I think your photos are really nice.

  10. Anita, I always like coming by your way...I love the warmth of your tables! Also loved this week the "hanging from the ceiling photos." I have seen your Hull dishware before and this tablesetting looks lovely in it! Joni

  11. Just beautiful! I love the warm richness.

  12. Anita, the centerpiece you put together with flowers from your property is gorgeous. Love the tablerunner and your home made napkins.

  13. Anita, I always know I am in for a treat when I visit you on TT! Your centerpiece is gorgeous...those colors are so vivid. The "Brown Drip" dishes you have chosen couldn't be more perfect for this table setting. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love April Cornell in all of her shapes and forms. Great table. Awesome glasses.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Anita, your flowers are fabulous! I am so impressed you created that centerpiece from your yard (and your mother's!)! The whole table looks wonderful -- love the April Cornell runner. Thanks for the tip about using ticking for napkins. I'll have to try that! Thank you for your sweet comment on my table this week!

  16. Beautiful runner and a great centerpiece!


  17. Anita, first of all thank you SO MUCH for coming to see my table! I think you are the only one who did:( Anyway, I love your table. I had the brown drip dishes when we were first married and sold them at a garage sale (LOOOONG before I was into tablescaping:):). Now, I wish I had them!!! I LOVE your arrangement, it is beautiful! The napkins are also lovely, wish I could sew! Hope you are enjoying your summer!!!! XO, Pinky

  18. Anita, we are so glad you came to visit us -- thanks! Your lilies and table are both so lovely. All that's left for you is way more than some. Jane F.

  19. The tablescape makes the runner even more beautiful! Love the flowers ... and the color tones.

  20. Oh Anita, I think the flowers you chose are gorgeous! The whole table is wonderful. I have a whole collection of the vintage Mochaware...part Hull...part McCoy.. love the stuff.

  21. Anita you table looks so lovely. Love the bakelite I started getting the ivory bakelite a couple of years ago after seeing a table done by Eddie Ross, i just fell in love with it. Thank you so much for coming by my blog today and leaving a comment it is so nice to see you there. Glad you enjoyed my little herb pots in my kitchen. I am enjoying them also, Have a wonderful weekend, Kathysue

  22. How pretty I love April Cornell! Your flowers are just beautiful and they are so perfect for this table...

  23. Your table suits those beautiful lillies perfectly. I love the green chunky stemware. The whole is fabulous.

  24. Hi Anita, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm also very honored you've chosen to follow me. I have to tell you a secret.......I've been peeking in on your blog for a year now, sort of an unofficial follower ;) I found you thru Susan at BNOTP and have been hooked, your blog is wonderful. Our tastes seem to be so similar in colors, textures, and design style, but mine is more country cottage/cabin, where you are grand country estate! Your tablescapes are always inspiring.
    I just realized something...you're in the Smokies? I'm here in Ohio, but practically grew up in the Knoxville/Gatlinburg Townsend/Cosby area My family would go down every chance we got ever since I was 4 (1964). How cool is that you travel around the world and end up in the Smokies. I know the area is expansive, but where are you in the Smokies?
    I'm now an official follower and you'll also find your blog on my bloglist

  25. Gorgeous, Anita! I love the way you've created such a warm, inviting table and kept it summery with the beautiful flowers you gathered and all the touches of green throughout. It's wonderful that your mom's right next door and that she shares your love of beautiful things (and is so willing to share hers when you're tablescaping!). I read about her the other day after looking at your "about me" page. I hadn't realized she was such a famous performer and songwriter. Obviously, creativity and talent run in your family. Thank you for sharing yours with us!

    Warmest regards,

  26. this is oh so pretty Anita isnt it nice to pick your oun flowers its just a good feeling to have something you grew your self i love the table its just perfect i just love aprils fabrics I love how you made the napkins they are the perfect touch.You do the most lovely table scapes i love visiting you.you make it had to have a fav because i love them all :)

  27. Hi Anita! I wanted to invite you to come over to the Etsy Cottage Style Blog where I host the Vintage Alphabet Party for them. This month's party is brought to us by the letters L and M. It's fun to see everyones vintage catagory for the monthly given letters. If you'd like to join the party, just post about your vintage L and M pieces. This month I did Mochaware and some other things. If you're hard pressed for some vintage ideas, how about showing off your Lusterware, Mochaware, Lincoln Log collection, Melamine dishes, Linens (of Course), Moustache Cups, old Library Books, Men's Cuff Links, Loving Cups, your Madge Doll, Limoge, and Memorabilia. I am sure you have some wonderful collections I didn't even think of. This is a week long party so if you decide to join in, you have plenty of time. With your table linens and dishes and just from seeing what I can in your dining room, you could have a blast at this party. Any questions just e-mail me
    Hope you can stop by,
    Brown Gingham Creations

  28. Service for 24...a girl after my own heart. I also have enjoyed the WalMart rattan chargers. Have you noticed that they added some new colors this year? I really like the Hull Brown Drip Dinner Plates. They are a charming unexpected choice for summer dining. I share your appreciation for vintage table items. I feel like I've been blessed with a season to be a good steward of wonderful older items passed on from our families. Thank you for sharing your vision. I'll be following you. Cherry Kay

  29. This is gorgeous Anita....I love all these colors too, they are my favorite. Hope all is well, we just came home from Vaca, and I am catching up...I missed a lot out here:) Debbie