Friday, September 17, 2010

What's old is new again...

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful week! We are enjoying the beautiful weather as summer starts to slowly turn into fall. I wanted to share a couple of late summer vignettes before fall officially arrives.

My dad and I made this table from an old North Carolina wagon wheel, and a rim from one at my cousin's ranch in Montana. We had the glass cut at a local glass company. Because of the thickness of the glass, they will not try it again either! When we made it, I had a lot of American Indian art and had just started collecting pottery as I made trips to Bolivia, and Panama. As I traveled more and started getting more European accessories, the table still seemed to work just as well. It was a labor of love and something I'll always share with my dad:-)

My geraniums have done so well this summer, I brought this one inside. I'm hoping to keep them alive through the winter! I have accessorized with a 1970s glass ashtray containing candles, and a few of my favorite decorating books.

The brass table is probably from India and was inherited from a relative who lived in China and traveled extensively. No one wanted this, but I knew it would fit right in here! I have mixed a Mexican Talavera pot with a mother-of-pearl inlaid box from Egypt and a box from Big Lots. The children put small toys in there.

Pretty soon, all those leaves outside the windows will turn shades of yellow, orange and red, so I am enjoying the green as long as I can. Thanks so much for stopping by:-)

I'll be participating in "Vignette Fridays" over at "Color Outside the Lines." so please go by there and look at all the wonderful ideas!



  1. So pretty Anita! My mother has one of those brass trays that is the size of a coffee table. She doesn't use it for one anymore but has for years! I love the size of yours! I really love your wagon wheel coffee table though! That is something special! I am very envious and couldn't help but notice you have your windows open! Wow! You must be getting some great weather right now!

  2. Anita I could look at your vignettes and home all day long...I just love your style, color and accessories.

  3. Just as pretty as can be! I stared at the whole room for a while and looked at the details. I really love it, especially that box larger box on the brass table.

    If I'm right and that is the one from Big Lots, it says two things: You can get really cool stuff from Big Lots... and I can't discern the real stuff from the knockoff. LOL

    Love your room. REALLY love it.

  4. Anita, everything looks so pretty and look at the windows open. Too hot here still. Hope it cools down soon.

  5. You have an elegant touch when it comes to decorating. I just love it! I love how you mix Big Lots with pieces from Egypt and Mexico! Brilliant! That wagon wheel table is a treasure that your kids will fight over one day. What wonderful memories you have making it with your dad! Have a great weekend!

  6. I just love your home. The wagon wheel table is definitely a keeper ;o)

  7. Your home is so beautiful, warm and welcoming! I love all your treasures!

  8. Hi Anita! I love all of the stories behind your furniture and accessories. It gives them so much character and is way more fun and interesting than what I usually write which is, "I got this at TJ Maxx"! :-) Your home is just beautiful and the color palette works so well for any season!

  9. Hi Anita! OH, I'm so impressed you and your daddy made this lovely table! Your home is so beautiful and I love hearing about all of your treasures! It looks like you have your windows raised! Ii can almost feel the cool breeze! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Anita, your room is stunning. We also still have summer weather with a lovely breeze flowing through. Your wagon wheel table is amazing.


  11. Your living room is beautiful, many cool things to look at and I bet you have a story for many of your pieces. I love the table your dad really is timeless because it is so original. Love the old 70's ashtray, I remember my parents having the jumbo size as well!


  12. Such a pretty room,so comfortable looking,love the wagon wheel table,I love your vignettes.

  13. Anita,

    What a gorgeous room! I love it all, but especially the geraniums. I don't have a lot of luck with them, but I love them.

    Have a great weekend!

    God Bless.... Kathy

  14. I am loving both tables; and such nice memories!

  15. Hello Anita!

    My jaw dropped when I saw your table! Until now, I have not seen anyone else with a table like mine! My Dad made it when I was three years old. Mine is a dining room table. Sadly though I need to replace the original glass and am having a hard time finding a place that will do it. My father passed away when I was 12 so the table is extra special to me and it has moved all over the place with me.

    Your vignettes look great. I love red geraniums because they remind me of my maternal grandmother because she had huge pots of them on her porch.

    I also like your header.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  16. Beatiful room Anita!! I like that your children stash little toys in all that beauty :)


  17. Anita just love the storys that go along with your pices your home is so warm cozy and filled with love it shows through.What a wonderful coffee table it all just looks so classy thanks for shareing.Hugs Linda

  18. Gorgeous tables! You have an awesome eye for beauty:)

  19. Anita, your home look so inviting, I'd love to come and and sit right down. Your tables are beautiful and unique, how smart of you to make and use them.

  20. Anita, my mama and daddy had that same ashtray! It's long gone, but seeing your's brought a smile! You have such a beautiful room; you've done a wonderful job with your great eye for design. Thank you for stopping by my post visit. I forwarded your kind comments to KC. Come visit anytime. Cherry Kay

  21. I love the table made with a wheel, very good idea.I have never seen such a table before. Catherine

  22. I love your sense of style! Gorgeous house! I am a new follower - can't wait to follow along your posts - I am a fellow GA/East Alabama girl as well :)

    Jennifer (Green Door Girl) -

  23. HELLO ANITA...