Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feed sack lamp shade...

Hi everyone! I hope you are warm inside in this chilly weather! 

I wanted to share a lamp shade I made from feed sacks...

This lamp is one of two that came from Family Dollar and cost $10. The original shade was more ornate. I thought it looked way too formal with the old wood box. 

So I took it all apart and used the old shade as a pattern.

I made a ruffle for the bottom by cutting a length of fabric and doubling it. I then ran two parallel gathering stitches with the sewing machine.

To make really nice and even gathers, run two stitches with a very loose tension, then pull the two bottom threads to gather. You can even the stitches out as you pull the bottom threads. There is no shortcut for this that will come out as nice, so it's definitely worth it to take the time and do two stitches.

I then pinned the ruffle onto the shade and sewed from the inside between the two parallel stitches.

After attaching the ruffle, pull out the gathering threads so they do not show. To make it look nicer, I ran the serger along the edge.

I used the serger on all the seams so it would be neater. Remember, lamp shades will show any mistakes when the lights are turned on. I attached it to the original frame exactly like the old shade was attached with hot glue...

I first had it turned this way so the print shows...

Then I decided to turn it around. It can go either way.

 I also exchanged the Moroccan mirror for two vintage bird prints my mother let me have.  I am loving these, and I know they will be great as Spring approaches.

I took away the crock with greenery and brought out a silver tray with candy... my dad loves these spice drops and they are always here when he drops by for a visit. The storage jars came from my parents' basement, and the pretty cut crystal one was passed down from a family member.

I'm really enjoying my little feed sack shade! I have made several things from these feed sacks my grandfather saved, so I'll be sharing some more projects soon. 

We still have Three Kings Day to celebrate Friday, then I can start taking Christmas stuff down this weekend. I always hate to see it go, but I'm anxious to play with my toile and tartan look for winter. 

Thanks SO much for stopping by!!


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  1. That shade is so sweet. I like the side with the words. I love your candy jar display, too. I keep my tree up til the 6th as well. xo

  2. I love your feed sack lamp shade, Anita. Your tray of goodies looks great next to your lamp. I took the Christmas trees down yesterday, but still left the nativity up. We are having some cold and windy weather today!!!

  3. What a neat idea! I love how it looks and also your bird pictures they will be great for spring!
    I'm visiting from Creative Living!

  4. LOVE LOVE that shade Anita and I love the bird prints too!

  5. I love your new lamp shade! How creative!

  6. I love the lamp shade! Cute idea.

  7. And you sew too. You are awesome!!!! That is such a cute idea and looks great with the print and turned!

  8. The lampshade is very sweet, Anita, and I like that you can turn it around to suit you! Great job! I love the new prints, too!

    Stay warm!


  9. Beautiful work on the lamp shade! I'm glad for the tip on gathering fabric to create a ruffle...I am about to make a burlap runner for my dining table and I intend on adding ruffled ends. I also love your candy jars. Your home is so warm.


  10. I noticed that you are my newest follower so I jumped on over to your blog. Wow, everything about it is beautiful! I especially love the red and white transferware holiday table, just my style!

  11. I can't even begin to tell you how much I am loving all the beautiful tablescapes I am seeing down the side of your blog...fabulous!! This lamp shade is just too cute, great idea! The bird pictures on the wall above it strike my fancy as well! I found your blog via Wow Us Wednesdays, Now following you.

    I am also having a giveaway at my blog, would love for you to stop by!
    All the best,

  12. Everything looks so lovely. I love what you did with the containers. Just beautiful.

  13. Beautiful Anita, I love the look and crystal biscuit jars. I love spice gum drops too!!!Beautiful prints as well. I mentioned in your last post, I love your style, it reminds me of Biltmore.So tied to the past but perfect for your family now. Take care:)Lovely ruffles.

  14. Very pretty, Anita, I love the ruffle. Those prints look so good against your wall color, too. My stuff doesn't come down until after January 6th, too, although I tried to make a dent by getting my bins down from the attic and ready. I'm exhausted just looking at what needs to be put away, but I'm hoping to whip through it in a day.

  15. oh my word how cute! Totally gonna PIN this to my FARMHOUSE FRESH pinterest board! thanks for sharing such a cute makeover!


  16. Absolutely darling Anita! I love the ruffle on the bottom and the entire grouping is just beautiful. :-) Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  17. super cute! i love the lamp shade...makes me wish i would have recieved the sewing machine i asked for at Christmas! xoxo, tracie

  18. What a great idea. It looks fabulous. I also love the bird prints - so pretty.

  19. Anita, I love lamp shade! And vintage bird prints...it's all perfect!

  20. First, your lamp shade is adorable. Second, your voice is AMAZING. Where can I buy your CD? So peaceful! I love worship music! God has given you an amazing gift my friend! So glad I found you! I'm a new follower. :)
    PS Please come back tomorrow and link up another project if you can. And please stay in touch!

  21. So adorable! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!