Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Autumn styling in the kitchen

One of the *extras* that resulted from putting in the wormy chestnut countertops was trading a cabinet for open shelving, which I made from old wood I found here. I really am not missing the cupboard space, plus I'm really enjoying having extra display space for my seasonal favorites.

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My mom's homemade jams and jellies will not be here long but they look pretty:-)

I brought out some of my Hull and McCoy "Brown Drip" pieces as I just love the brown this time of year. I also added some vintage fruit-themed needlepoints from a family friend. The lunchroom sign was in the old Hazelwood Elementary School my parents went to.

I definitely don't regret taking out the cabinet.

And I can't wait to change this out to something totally different for Christmas!

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  1. Looks GREAT, Anita! Very perfect for autumn! Don't be too quick to change it!! : - )

  2. I love it! the colors are amazing and I am crushing on that scale....

  3. Anita, your kitchen is so cozy and wonderful. Love it!

  4. I am just sick that I got rid of my Brown Dip dishes decades ago. We sold them at our garden center back in the 1970s. The McCoy man used to call on us regularly. I did keep my huge bowl that I use for stirring together fruitcakes. At the time I definitely was not thinking that there would some day be blogging. Nothing says autumn like them though. What a difference it makes taking down one of your upper cabinets! And your mom's homemade preserves are just right there, until they are eaten!

  5. The shelves look perfect for fall, Anita! Nice, warm, rich colors. And yes, the jelly looks delicious!! You are going to have fun dressing them up for the holidays and changing seasons!


  6. It's all wonderful but my favorite is that scale. LOVE.

  7. Just beautiful! You really know how to make a home pretty.

  8. Love the styling of your images.

  9. Beautiful shelf vignette. Love the way you used your scale.