Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas in the music room...

I definitely went a different direction this year...

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I really wanted to use the Hemlock trees growing here and bring in the elegant country style my grandmother was so good at.

Snowflakes cut from old piano books and vintage Shiny Brite ornaments are all this little tree needs.

Some of the old ornaments ended up in glass canisters.

I used a large silver tray my mother gave me for the little tree, which is just a branch stuck into oasis.

Everyone here, from the 7-year-old on up, loves playing the organ. I really need to look for a pretty antique stool because you just can't pump it standing up, and the one we use is not pretty:-)

Can't you just hear "Silent Night" on the old 1886 organ? This was a recent gift passed down originally from a cousin of my grandfather's. 

I really kept things pretty simple.

I rearranged the cabinet we made with family things including the doll my grandfather sent my mother from Paris during World War II, my dad's 1956 Royal typewriter, a hat box my grandmother covered, and paint by number ballerinas she painted.

Lots of pink, blue, old silver and fresh greens really make it unique but still warm and "Christmasy."

I love this time of year so much and really try to simply enjoy it here at home with my family. That's not always easy, though, since we are musicians and this is our busiest time of year:-) Honestly, there are just times when you have to say no to things in order to keep your sanity and enjoy what really matters. 

That said,
I'm still working on my Christmas decor and have not even started outside yet. Ugh. Really, I'm keeping things simple, I just keep thinking of little projects to do that delay the overall progress, lol.
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  1. I think putting the old ornaments in the jars is a brilliant idea! I've done the same with some of my mom's and leave them out all year long in a place that doesn't have any sunlight shining on them. Your home looks very welcoming and pretty.♥♫

  2. Your music room looks beautiful Anita! I love the little tree in the galvanized bucket.

  3. I love your music room. What a wonderful space to have and an organ! Who has an organ!? It is perfectly decorated for Christmas. Happy Holidays!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  4. Looks lovely, Anita. Love your tree!

  5. Anita, this is true perfection! I love your Christmas decor and how you have incorporated your family heirlooms! You always so such a beautiful job!

  6. GORGEOUS Anita!! I love the trees in the galvanized buckets!

  7. It looks very pretty, Anita. I love your little tree in the old bucket and the glass jars of vintage ornaments. It's a very busy time of year. Enjoy it!

  8. If you can do it with your busy schedule, Anita, anyone can! Your music room looks pretty and festive. The small trees are beautiful touches along with all of your family treasures. I love the organ, it seems to like that little nook!


  9. Your home is pretty at all times but the music room is just stunning for Christmas. I just love the silver tray and the ornament in the jar.

    I was listening to "Down in the Valley to Pray". Is that you singing? The video is amazing and the voice is beautiful. Love it!

  10. I love it all! Makes me kind of want to pack up all my stuff. Maybe next year I'll remember your rooms.

    You have the gift!

  11. Anita, I have been listening to your music on You Tube. Wow you are so talented.

  12. Beautiful Anita!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  13. That is so pretty, I never thought to decorate our piano-it is off in a separate room- Must do!!! I love the off center fabric runner and the canisters of ornaments, so pastel pretty!

  14. My mother had an old fashioned pump organ too. I had it for a number of years but decided to donate it to the Historical Society in memory of my mother. Yours is very pretty.
    Christmas in your music room is very lovely. I look forward to more of your home.

  15. Your home is so lovely, Anita, and you have dressed it for Christmas beautifully!! I love all the memories you draw on in your home...makes it so special for you and your family!
    Mary Alice

  16. Pretty Anita, to start you are so talented and your music room for the holidays is gorgeous! The silver tray is stunning!
    Enjoy a happy December.

  17. Everything looks absolutely perfect, and I think you did quite well with carrying on your grandmothers legacy. I can't wait to see your tree!

  18. Love your music room. Looking forward to seeing the kitchen! :)

  19. I love how you decorated, so beautiful and you have given me some ideas to use. I am decorating tomorrow.

  20. Oh my goodness, so pretty!
    It's romantic, old-fashioned and just plain pretty..I love it!

  21. Anita, this is really, really beautiful. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  22. Merry Christmas Season, Anita!
    LOVE your "O Holy Night". I'm listening while visiting with you on your blog. It has been awhile since I visited, so glad I found you again, through Pinterest.
    Blessings for the New Year,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas