Monday, March 24, 2014

The antique organ and the flea market brass lamp

While I realize most people are not decorating around an 1886 organ, it does provide a sort of "sideboard" space when closed, and most all of us can relate to that.  

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Plus, this is effectively our front entry -- of sorts. Everyone comes through this door between the organ and piano, which sits on the left. You can see the whole room HERE, and the background of the organ HERE.

I really wanted a lamp in that corner, but didn't have one here that worked so I have been on the lookout for something. Luis and I stopped by an indoor flea market Saturday very near where we live and I spotted this antique brass lamp for $16. 

It had two of these old, moldy shades, so I ripped off the fabric, then covered both with burlap and trim. Easy, easy fix.

I have done this to so many lampshades, and not only is it easy, I love the texture, and they go with everything. 

Then I decided to add some leftover chandelier prisms to the lamp...

...and try it where I wanted to use it on the organ. 

But I decided to try it without the shades.

Then, I didn't really like that because even with 25 watt bulbs, it was way too bright when on, so I put the shades back on. I should mention, the window here is out of my grandparent's house and the Washington, D.C., cathedral photograph was found in my great grandmother's things. 

I liked that, but wasn't crazy about the prisms, so I took them off.

 I also wanted to try it with the organ open, because the reason I didn't have a lamp there in the first place is because there is only a small spot for a lamp to sit, and it would need to work with the organ  opened and closed. Voila -- this one was perfect. The little marble base was just small enough to fit.

The light is wonderful for a little glow in that corner, but bright enough if one needs to read music.

I could not be more pleased with it:-) I actually like it better with the organ open, but generally leave it closed so it doesn't get too dusty.

So for $16 and a little elbow grease, I got the perfect lamp for my antique organ -- open or closed. And I can use it with or without the shades so I get more than one look.  Plus, it's unique, and I love that.

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  1. Anita your antique organ and lamp look gorgeous together....
    I love the beautiful details on the organ, they just don't make such beautiful things like that anymore...what a shame....
    Enjoy your pretties ;-)


  2. Oh I love the organ and the window and picture are such a perfect accessory for the wall. The lamp you found really is perfect after you redid it a little. Looks fabulous.

  3. A perfect marriage.. the lamp and the organ. Perfect. Seems like lamps are the thing for the month of March. I posted about the ones I found as well. Vintage as well.
    Things with a story to tell... they always get me.

  4. Your project sounds like the way many of mine go. I love the little lamp and shades.

  5. Your organ is gorgeous! And Anita, the little lamp is perfect in every way. My eye noticed that framed sheet music and cathedral photo above the organ. It's beautiful!! What a perfect vignette.

    Hope your week is filled with more extraordinary creativity!

  6. Love the lamp, glad you took off the crystals.

  7. I love your brass lamp,you have styled it so well!

  8. I love how you tried different looks for the lamp--the end result is PERFECT. That organ simply takes my breath away with the intricate carving and gorgeous wood, and you've given me another idea for an old window frame that I've been wanting to use. Simply beautiful--all of it!

  9. I love everything about this space. This lamp is very similar to the chancy we just got for our living room. Love the prisms and the shade makeover. So pretty!

  10. Anita, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful piece of history - gorgeous. I love the sheet music and cathedral photo hung in your grandmother's window frame - adds so much to your vignette. The little antique lamp is perfect as well. So glad I found you over at the Inspire Me Tuesday party!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  11. I am laughing really hard right now. You sound like me: prisms on, prisms off. Shades on, shades off. Move it to the left. Move it to the right. No...your other right! :-) SO typical of many of us, I'm sure. We have a great idea and just have to play with it to bring it to life! In the end, you made a choice that wasn't even on your radar when you first started!!! LOVE IT!!!

    You've given me inspiration, too, for what to do with a couple of salvaged windows. I've not been in a big hurry to use them because I wasn't sure exactly what to do, but now I'm moving in that direction. Thanks!

    Beautiful, Anita! Have a grand day!!!

  12. What a beautiful organ Anita - and that little lamp looks like it was made to go on it!
    It's gorgeous open OR closed which is such a bonus :)
    I'm working on a lamp shade with burlap too - you're obviously better at it then I am LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend - coming by from French Country Cottage

  13. I love your antique organ and the lamp is perfect!