Monday, June 16, 2014

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

Ok, so it's not really that easy but there are moments to steal just for enjoying the beauty of this season.  Every morning I start my day out here on the porch with a cup of steaming coffee, and there is nothing I love more than hearing the birds greet the new day along with the rushing of our mountain creek.

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I really didn't change much from last year.  You can see the porch last year, HERE.

We have a couple of comfortable rockers with pillows I made from pink ticking and leftover outdoor fabric. 

The old sign came off the original house here where my father grew up.

Every southern front porch just has to have hanging ferns:-)

I never get tired of the view.

The mediterranean heather I had here for the last six years did not survive this winter, so I replaced it with lavender and salvia. We'll see if that comes up next year. I have never had lavender survive a winter here.

But I'm enjoying it while it lasts:-)

Do you have a porch and more importantly, do you use it? 
I am so thankful for those moments to sit here and appreciate the good things in life:-)

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  1. Anita, I just love seeing your front porch! What a beautiful spot to begin each day! We have the back porch; and it's where we enjoy our time before the summer heat sets in. But, I would love to have a front porch like yours!

  2. Oh I love your porch, it is fabulous and your view is to die for. I would sit there as much as possible.

  3. Anita, I"d be right out there with you. What an incredibly beautiful setting! Fortunately it is still rather nice here in central TX too. Humid but not triple digits as yet. Enjoy your summer mornings on your porch.

  4. Your porch is such so very beautiful and serene...I can just imagine sitting on that porch and enjoying the gorgeous views....many of my plants that I have had for years did not survive this past winter too...

  5. Anita your porch is just so lovely! Yes, we do have a porch and we use it every day. Sometimes we have lunch out there, sometimes we sit out in the evening and watch fireflies.

  6. Your home is beautiful. The stone columns and front porch are so welcoming. I could sit there for hours and rock and listen to the water. The sign that hangs on the side of the porch is darling. Such a pretty post.

  7. What a luvly porch and view Anita. Think of me as you sit and sip your coffee tomorrow morning.....

  8. I have a teeny, tiny front porch - big enough for two people to stand on! I would LOVE to have a big porch. Our home lends itself to adding one easily. Now we need to decide if these two retired people are going to stay here long enough to add it to the project list!

  9. Anita, your front porch is breathtaking! And what a magnificent view :-)
    No small wonder why you enjoy your morning there :-)


  10. What a great way to start each day. I love to hear the birds and rushing water.

  11. So pretty and lush! Love ferns on a porch. You must see some snakes being surrounded by all those woods. ;o)

  12. Your porch is just so gorgeous Anita! I only wish I could come join you for a cup of coffee there sometime. :-)

  13. So cozy and welcoming! I wouldn't mind having my morning coffee there too. We just moved into a new home 900 miles north from our last home and our new bungalow has a porch. With all the unpacking and organizing I've had to do, I've barely had a chance to sit in it but I can't wait to have my morning coffee there first chance I get. Have a blessed week! -Bev

  14. your post has just made my day!!! Porches are absolutely my favorite room of all!!!! Wishing I was joining you with a nice steaming cup of coffee in one of those gorgeous comfy rockers!!! :)... Beautiful peaceful views!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  15. Beautiful!! My favorite thing to do is go outside in the morning and soak in the beauty of God's glorious creation. All nature sings his praise and my heart joins right in. Your porch is the perfect spot to do just that with your incredible views.

    Enjoy those extraordinary mornings on the porch, Anita!
    p.s. I finally started receiving your posts in my inbox again. What a joy!

  16. Always loved your front porch! The trees make it a very relaxing place to sit I am sure. It is so welcoming.

  17. Oh yes my dear, I understand you! This view is fantastic and renewing! Nature at it's best. I enjoy my garden every day as much as possible. It brings me literally down to earth. Your porch is fantastic and looks so very inviting with the rocking chairs and the carpet and the lamps and the flowers on the table.
    Just beautiful
    Have a wonderful time
    all my best from Austria

  18. Wow, such a beautiful and very inviting porch! We don't have a front porch, but I certainly wish we did!

  19. I love your porch. Very inspiring