Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The kitchen--where it came from...

Last week I showed y'all the evolution of the living area, which, by the way, got a whole new seating arrangement yesterday. But more on that later:-) Today I wanted to share the different looks in the kitchen over the years.

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Here is how it started out 6 years ago. I still like that look, despite the horrible photography and the  counters we replaced.

Here it is a year or so later. I hand painted the backsplash and had a nice collection of Turkish, Spanish, Mexican Talavera and Bolivian pottery.

After the microwave caught on fire, I painted the backsplash in a more neutral tone and added ceramic tile. I honestly didn't like that but did like the English cottage feel I got by adding the fabrics and taking off the doors under the sink. 

Then the same *blue* bug that bit me in the living room, got hold of me here and I painted the kitchen "Secluded Guestroom" (Colorplace) and started going toward a more vintage look. Since the wall color was a color from the old house, I also started adding more vintage and farmhouse/cottage style like the feedsack cafe curtains and antique lantern. I painted the lower cabinets a grey color, "Grand Smoky Mountain" (Colorplace) from the old house and stained/painted the upper cabinets.

I tried a ton of different looks. 

Things started to come together when we made the wormy chestnut countertops from wood off the old house. After we installed them, I decided to take out the cabinet to the right of the sink and add shelving.

I'm so glad we did that. I found old wood on the property and added iron brackets to hold the shelves. I have truly enjoyed changing them out with different accessories.

Once we added the countertops, huge stainless steel sink and a new faucet, my vision of a vintage farmhouse kitchen really became a reality. 

I enjoy changing out the valance and skirt under the sink for different seasons also. 

Christmas used to look like this...

...then this way a couple years ago.

And last Christmas, it looked like this.

Of course, I'm planning something totally different for this Christmas:-) I do enjoy the versatility that different fabrics and accessories offer. It's always fun to re-imagine a space simply by changing things around a little.

So that is where my kitchen came from and where it is today. In all honesty, I'm just trying to work with what I have and make the most of it on a small budget because I spend a lot of time there. I think those restrictions have made it a unique and warm space for me to share with my family--and that's the most important thing:-)

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  1. Great transformations! I love it in blue walls and grayish tone of the cabinets, the open shelves and that FABULOUS sink!
    I love all the steps, but currently is my fave!

  2. Luved seeing the progression. I am a big fan the new farmhouse look! :)

  3. I so love your kitchen and how it has evolved...and I especially like the way you change out the valance and the sink skirt for the seasons....beautiful kitchen Anita!!!

  4. I am really enjoying these stories of how your rooms evolved, Anita. Each version of your kitchen is pretty and special in its own way. I have always loved your Christmas kitchen with its rich colors, and as Shirley mentioned I like the way your valance and sink skirt changes with the seasons. Another thing I've always admired about your kitchen is the panel (is that the word?) you added to the sink cabinet that gives it that farm sink look. Brilliant! ~ Nancy

  5. Your kitchen certainly has evolved. I absolutely love the blue color

  6. I love watching the evolution of a space. It gives me great hope and lots of ideas on how to make small changes that will produce great impact. Our kitchen has remained pretty much the same since we moved in. We repainted the 1st year we were here and I changed the hardware on all the cabinets the year after that, but everything has pretty much stayed the same since. I'm ready for a new look, and I'm just waiting for the $$$ to pop up from some magic place so I can make that happen! I want to go lighter, fresher, more in step with the Colonial styling of the house. I wish I was more of a DIYer...I would have had everything finished long ago!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Anita! Always inspirational!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your home. Its beautiful! Where did you get the feed sack curtains? I am looking for some for my kitchen.

  8. What color are your bottom cabinets painted? I love the mix of that color with the wood countertops and upper cabinets!


    1. The color is "Grand Smoky Mountain" Colorplace paint at Walmart. I do love it and have all my trim the same color. You can have the paint mixed in a different brand, though if you wanted.

  9. Love the new sink, where could I find it