Friday, August 1, 2014

A room for the girls...

I wish I could say the room my girls share looks like this.

Source: Pinterest

But, I can't because it really looks like this. And as awful as I feel about showing y'all this, I just need to keep it real here. Most of these photos are actually from a couple years ago after I painted the antique wash stand. 

We moved in here when they were seven and five, so sharing a room wasn't a big deal.

However, they are now 12 and 14, and an already small room seems to be getting smaller. 

It doesn't help that it isn't well organized and has a super small closet so they have a *hard* time keeping it neat. Ok -- they are teen girls and keeping it neat is the farthest thing from their minds:-)

As much as I have hoped and prayed for a way to add a room to the house, it just hasn't become a reality. In any case, I have to do something for them, so I have been brainstorming and pinning ideas for a makeover.

Pinterest board The Girl's Room

I have been looking at alcove and loft beds and my plan is to have Luis build a loft wide enough for a twin bed and long enough to have some sitting space. Since we only have 8' ceilings and an angled wall, it will be a challenge, but I think it can be done.

They want to get rid of the pink and go with something like this:

...or this:

So, despite the huge I will never be able to make this happen challenge, I think I can do something that will make them more comfortable and give them some space of their own, which they really need at this age.

I always rise to a challenge, and I think this is the biggest one I have had in this house, which is probably why I have not been able to make it happen thus far.

I'm looking forward to working in a little French style as they do have some nice pieces of furniture to work with already. So....tada, I will be painting a couple of pieces. 

I do love this look for them so it *could* be fun if I can get past the logistical issues. First I have to clean out the room. And that is no small task. 

Like the little engine that could...I keep telling myself, I think I can. I think I can:-) I want so much to make them a beautiful, feminine space they will remember. And I'm sure I can do it:-)

I'll be joining:


  1. You've pinned some pretty ideas here, Anita. Our son graduated from college in the spring of 2013, got a job in August, and moved to Greensboro at the end of last year. I'm very proud and happy for him, but he left a bit of a disaster in his wake. He brought so much stuff home from college and left a lot of it here. I've been trying to get myself psyched up to clean out his room because I have some good ideas on how to make it a pretty guest bedroom. To be honest, the room is turning into a catch-all, and lot of the stuff in there now is mine. ;) Like you, we already have good furniture in there and I have some nice bed linens. I just need to get in there and dig in.

    We were in Western North Carolina for four days last week. We passed the signs for Balsam on the way up there and back, and I thought about you. :) Enjoy your weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. I love that silver bed and room with decor to match also that large white chippy Armour would be a great look in the girls room.
    If the room is large enough those stacked beds would be great and use all white furniture

    you can do it, it just takes time

  3. I just saw another idea of built-in bunkbeds with actual stairs at the end of the bed, rather than a ladder. It didn't look like the stairs contained storage, but I've seen photos of stairs with built-in drawers. Maybe the bottom stair or 2 could be deep enough to provide seating when friends are over. Even if not, stairs with storage would be safer & make changing the bed easier than from a ladder. :-)

  4. Anita I know whatever you come up with for your girls it will be beautiful! I can not wait to see it.

  5. Oh, some beautiful ideas for your daughters room, as they are transcending from girls to teen girls! I love, love the first image! Can't wait to see what you come up with and be fast as the girls will go to college before you know it!

  6. Oh wow, some really fabulous inspiration pics for the girls. Can't wait to see what you do.

  7. Anita, have you thought of building the beds in a corner at right angles to each other? The new cabins at my daughter's camp are set up this way and it means that the one below can avoid hitting her head..


    is the only pin I can find but it might be worth considering...

  8. Great inspiration Anita. If anyone can do it, I know you can!

  9. I love the inspiration pics!...and I do love that ottoman in that bedroom!...I know that you will make a beautiful space for your girls...You have great pieces to work with and I know that you will work your magic!!

  10. My Joe built a loft bed for our daughter when she was small and then she had her toys (kitchen, dolls eyc. ) stored under it and could play there. It worked great. I KNOW you will come up with a brilliant idea and make it happen!! I know you can, I know you can:):)

  11. Oh what gorgeous inspiration photos! My daughter's room is in major need of a makeover. I have plans for it but need to finish my Master Bedroom first. I hope to start working on my daughter's room within the next month or so.

  12. Anita ~ I can't wait to see what you come up with. My daughter has graduated from college and moved out this summer for another state. I have to do something with her room now. I want to make it into a guest room but then it wouldn't be her room anymore. Enjoy the challenge with them while they are at home with you. Cherish the time!

  13. My 14 year old adn I are doing the same thing. She knows what she wants! It involves a lot of painting. The cleaning out of childhood stuff is not easy. Look forward ot the reveal. Visiting from Kim' s WUW's.

  14. We are building an alcove bed for our daughter (16). We have a 1964 home with 8 foot ceilings and small rooms, so storage is a must. It's challenging and costly. I had no idea that it could be so expensive. But in the end I think she will be happy.

  15. Anita, The love you have for your girls will outlast and be in their hearts. The bedroom will happen. You have a neat sense of decorating and that touch that gives a place a warm inviting look. It will be fun to see what you do. I love the French look so much I may have to go in that direction myself. Blessings to you and I know you're keeping the faith!