Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Girls' French bedroom reveal

Finally -- after six loooooong years of being the worst room in the house, the girls' bedroom might now be the prettiest room in the house:-)

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This room has definitely gone from worst...(and this was the clean version)

...to first. 

I had a crazy hodgepodge of furniture thrown in there and really couldn't figure out how to make it liveable for the two girls. My first choice would have been to add on a room, but since that hasn't happened, I was desperate to find some kind of solution as they are not six and eight anymore. 
The 14 year old really wanted something French, and she specifically wanted purple. The 12 year old -- not so much. I had to talk her into it. They both love it, though, and were really excited to see it come together.

As you can see, I did a lot of painting ---walls, furniture and more furniture. (Links to those posts will be at the end of this post.)

Even the art. You won't believe what this print was before, but I'll show it in another post. 

My 12 year old made all the origami cranes.

I was inspired by a wall of butterflies in a photo of a French nursery. We definitely went our own direction with it, though.

I wanted French style in this room, but not stereotypical French, so there are no Eiffel Tower prints or  French words on the wall, and I didn't use toile. I really wanted something authentic and with elements that would be in a bedroom in France.

The aubergine floral duvet covers were my jumping off point for color, so I kept everything else pretty neutral with shades of gray, white and silver. I found white matelassé spreads for the beds and after going back and forth with a "bed crown" idea, finally decided to hang plain white mosquito netting over each bed. 

I had to add the apple green velvet pillows as an accent, and the girls love them.

I'll stop "talking" now and let you see the room:-) I will go into more details on some of the furniture in future posts. 

Now my girls have a pretty room they love and one they are proud of. That makes me happy.

I really did pull this off with a pretty low budget using mostly furniture, lamps and accessories I already had. I did a *lot* of painting but what a difference that made when it all came together. 

This room was definitely a labor of love for me. If I had the budget, I could have gone out and just bought what I wanted, but in the end, it would not have been as special as this room is to me -- and to my beautiful girls:-) 

--Making a house a home.

***Click on these links for more detail about the furniture painting***

Source List:

Paint: "Persian Seed Pearl" Colorplace
White matelassé quilts: ebay (new)
Floral duvet covers: ebay (new)
Aubergine pillows: Roses
Green velvet pillows: ebay (new)
Chandelier: ebay (new)
twin bed frames: Habitat Restore
Marble-top wash stand: family antique I painted metallic silver 
Chest: family antique  I painted
Desk/dressing table: free
Vanity: family antique I painted
white mosquito netting: ebay (new)
window treatment: aubergine fabric from Hancock Fabrics several years ago
Gray fabric: from my mom
Silver candlesticks, picture frames, mirror frames are all family pieces I painted.

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  1. Stunning. The room is absolutely gorgeous. I hope your girls enjoy their new space!

  2. Love it, love it, love it, love it!! So happy for your girls and you!

  3. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! i Don't think storebought would have been this beautiful! Hope the girls have many wonderful, blessed, dreamy memories in their wonderful new room :D

  4. Oh Anita it is absolutely stunning. What you have done is just unbelievable. I am in love with that vanity the whole room is just glorious I can just imagine how happy your daughters are who would not be thrilled with the bedroom like that bravo

  5. Oh, my Anita, I love it. You did such a fabulous job. Love the colors and all the details. I am sure they are two very happy girls.

  6. Wow! Another stunning transformation of yours! What a blessing that they have a mother that is so talented, creative & has the talent to make their room so beautiful. You gave them something so much more than any store bought decorations could. I'm sure that they will forever remember your labor of love! :-)

  7. So beautiful. I know your daughters love their new room.

  8. Anita, you did a beautiful job on the girls' room...as usual! The colors are lovely; and I am sure the girls love it! It's gorgeous!

  9. Oh, my, Anita! Your girls must be so thrilled. Every detail is so gorgeous!

  10. I think it's all lovely! You did a beautiful job and I'm sure the girls are pleased with their grown-up version of a bedroom.

  11. Anita, I love your fresh look on a French girls' bedroom. I am sure your girls are thrilled. It's absolutely beautiful!

  12. I am in love with this room...it's wonderful!!

  13. Such a pretty room! All the details and the furniture you used in this space are absolutely stunning.

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  14. It turned out amazing Anita! Just beautiful!

  15. Anita...you did an incredible job in making this room perfect for your daughters. As you said...you didn't want the "obvious" French look and I think you achieved it. I love the colors and the netting over the beds. The newly pained furniture is beautiful. My favorite? The origami birds your daughter made! Lovely! :)

    Jane xx

  16. This turned out magnificent Anita - wow - the details are amazing - the painted furniture - the chandelier - everything - but my heart skipped a beat when I saw that print - and the origami birds flying off it - I'm repeating myself here - but really it's just

  17. It's just beautiful, I love how you managed to make it classic and elegant yet young at the same time. I think it's the colors that make it young. I love every single detail and am REALLY looking forward to individual posts on pieces.

  18. It looks beautiful, so many lovely touches...the origami cranes are absolutely perfect.

  19. Wow! Absolutely stunning! I love how you placed the paper cranes. Patty/NS

  20. This beautiful room makes me swoon. I think it says "French" in such a chic and sophisticated way. Your daughters must be absolutely delighted to have their very own Paris apartment!

  21. Oh wow! This room is stunning, right down to the smallest of details. Love the furniture and all the beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  22. I really like it! I especially love the accent of apple green. Just an idea---you might consider holding the curtain back with an apple green cord & chunky tassel. :-)

  23. Oh it's gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!

  24. It's gorgeous. I love the vanity dresser. Great job!

  25. Oh Anita, this room is just breathtaking. What a magical place for your girls! The artwork with the birds flying out is awesome! I absolutely love it. Love the aubergine, the furniture (I'm guessing that is what you painted when you said a *lot*), all of it. Just lovely. Your girls must be so happy!

  26. Lucky girls! you did an outstanding job on the room!

  27. It is just perfect!! I love all the painted furniture!! The purple is stunning. I also love the way the curtains are hung!!! A+!!!

  28. The summer I was 14 I went away to camp and my mother redid my room in purple and white with flowered (purple, white and green) curtains and cushions! It's a wonderful memory for me and maybe 50+- years from now your daughters will be thinking about how their mom did such a great thing for them, too....

  29. What a gorgeous room, Anita! Your girls will surely have the sweetest dreams after they go to sleep in such a wonderful place.

  30. Love, love, love everything about this gorgeous room! This is my favorite shade of purple and the duvet print is absolutely stunning! Kudos to your furniture painting techniques . . . it's all so elegant looking. Wish I had a room like this! You did a fabulous job in putting it together!

  31. Stunning room Anita ! The girls must feel like queens in this gorgeous room and sleeping in those beautiful beds!
    They're so lucky to have a mom like you with lovely taste too.


  32. Wow! You knocked it out of the ballpark with this makeover, Anita. I'm in the process of making over my daughter's bedroom and it started out a lot like your girls' room. We're also going with a very similar look and feel....french with gray walls and plum/aubergine accents.

    Your makeover has given me lots of inspiration! Pinning!

  33. Fabulously French, whimsically wonderful!!!


  34. A phenomenally gorgeous room just fit for your a princess or two!...the furnishings are so exquisite...I am sure that the girls are loving spending time in their beautiful new room, a labor of love by their mom...You did an impeccable job!

  35. It is stunning - you did an amazing job with this room! I can't wait to hear more about all those beautiful furniture pieces you painted. You're right, had you gone out and bought everything it would not have the same unique character and sentimental value.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  36. Tremendous! I love the way you made everything work together! Can't take my eyes off that crazy, 2-globed 60's lamp base with only an light bulb up top... I would have never imagined that to work! And of course, love the cranes... thanks for showing me how it's really done!