Friday, January 23, 2015

Country French for my mother...

I have been busy looking for ideas for my mother's kitchen.

Source Houzz

My mother cooks *all the time.* She loves cooking and loves feeding people anywhere, any time. She also grows most of her food then cans and freezes. So she spends a lot of time in her kitchen.  What she actually needs is an expansion with walk-in pantry and space for all her canned goods so she doesn't have to carry heavy pots and pans up and down the stairs. And something pretty like this, would be right up her alley...

...but it's not in the budget. So I am going to help her freshen things up and make some cosmetic, budget-friendly changes because she got this brand new stove for Christmas.

Source: Frigidaire

And for those asking about her canning, she bought a gas unit to use outside for canning.

Just to give some background, when the old house my grandparents lived in was torn down, they built a new mid-century style house. So my grandmother went from this kitchen: 

(my grandfather at the sink)

...which was apparently huge, according to my dad... this small kitchen complete with pink appliances! These photos were taken when the house was brand new, and my grandmother was so proud of it.

The only renovations that have been done in the last 50 years include changing the corner sink and cabinetry, new countertops, wallpaper/paint, flooring, and adding new appliances and windows. (What I wouldn't give for those pink appliances!!!)

I really thought the kitchen should have some mid-century flair, but after looking at styles, etc., and talking it over with her, it dawned on me she likes French country and prefers the warm colors of Provence. So...with a clear vision in mind *and* permission to paint the cabinets, we will be making the following updates:

-Adding trim to cabinets and painting a soft, buttery yellow
-Adding a new backsplash (maybe beadboard wallpaper)
-new paint on walls and ceiling
-Adding toile, floral and check fabrics and accessories

I really think just making these updates will make a big difference in the *feel* of the kitchen. It won't make it larger, but freshening it up should do wonders. As much as she cooks for everyone else, she definitely deserves something nicer:-)

Follow along on pinterest as I pin more great ideas to her inspiration board.

Mother's Kitchen 

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  1. I have had great success in adding molding/trim to cabinet doors, it is so easy to do, inexpensive and it completely changes the look. I think it would be wonderful in your Mother's kitchen. Good luck!

  2. What a sweet daughter you are! I'm so glad you're sharing this project with us and excited to see it all.

  3. I love these ideas!! How awesome!

  4. You will do a great job! You have the nicest taste. I looked at Mother's Kitchen board at pinterest...will you go with a lighter creamier yellow than is shown on many of those kitchen pins? I love your blog and look forward to it everyday. Keep up the inspirations for us all. :o)

  5. Wonderful ideas to update her kitchen. I'll look forward to seeing the photos.

  6. I so love your inspiration pictures of that great French Country kitchen!....How so very nice of you to be helping your mom create a beautiful kitchen environment in which she loves to cook in....Will be following with IG....have a great weekend Anita!

  7. Anita, it will be beautiful!!! I can't wait to see what you do with her kitchen. Your mother is so blessed to have you and Luis to do this for her. Please post pictures as you go!

  8. Che bello avere queste foto di famiglia... attimi impressi per sempre nell'eternità delle persone che abbiamo amato !!
    by Myriam

  9. Wspaniały blog !!!! - z przyjemnością obejrzałam wszystkie wpisy, a zdjęcia można oglądać godzinami - pozdrawiam serdecznie

  10. That is so sweet of you to do this for your Mom. I tried to see this yesterday but my computer was having issues. I love the inspiration photos and can't wait to see what you do!

  11. Pink die for!!!!! What did Wanda Adamczyk say?

  12. What wonderful meals your mother will turn out now on that new stove! I'm sure you will amaze her and us when you're through transforming her kitchen. You have the gift of pulling ideas out of the air, things we would never have thought of, not only on a budget but from items that hold precious sentimental value.

    I can't wait to see how it happens!

  13. Wonderful ideas

  14. What is beadboard wallpaper and where can I find the pendant light? Well done!

  15. I asked this yesterday but it didn't get answered. What is beadboard wallpaper? Thanks

    1. Wallpaper with a bead board texture. Google it for a description and sources. I have no idea about the light, the source is under the photo.

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