Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vintage summer bedroom -- Bohemian style

I really should title this post "Colorful summer bedroom," because it is full of vibrant color and just in time for summer.

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It all started with some vintage Indian silk sarees I bought on ebay. 

I bought three and wow, are they gorgeous! I posted about them here. I made pillow shams, etc., then added more bold pattern and color with this quilted coverlet from Overstock. 

I added lots of brass sand vintage accessories -- like this lamp my sweet friend Bonnie gave me.

I mean, how perfect is this lamp with these colors??

The brass incense burner came from India and was passed down from a relative who lived in China and also gave us the dresser and mirror, as well as lots of other things throughout the house. 

This used to be a lamp, but I thought it was so cute without its lamp parts:-)

I love this Japanese chalkware lamp from the 1950s, and the vintage fiberglass shade I had was the perfect crowning touch -- so to speak. 

Over the antique iron bed, I changed out the empty frames for this 1962 painting by my late uncle, Rex Thrower, a respected western artist. I really wanted to bring the color up on the white walls.

These 1970s botanical prints were perfect with the black and shades of pink in the room.  

I don't even mind the green shades on the chandelier now. In fact, I started sanding off the blue paint on my grandmother's trunk to reveal the green underneath, but haven't finished yet.

Over by the window, my great grandfather's table is a great spot for coffee -- or for sewing.

Another vintage sari is folded and draped on the table in place of a runner.

Vintage Chinese silk adds a pop of color in this corner along with the lamp my grandmother painted in the 1950s, antique brass accessories and another original painting by my uncle.

I am still loving my DIY door/mantel and cannot imagine this spot without it.

The peony canvases provide a pop of pink, which also shows up in the silk pillow I made.

The seashell belonged to my grandmother.

This sweet lamp was a gift from friend Krista, who mailed it to me last year. I finally got to meet her and her husband this spring when they traveled through the area. I always think of her sweet and generous spirit when I turn it on each night:-) 

I would really love to see this chair covered in hot pink velvet, but am afraid to make that kind of commitment. You never know, though, if I will just do it. For now, the pink pillow works to tie it in with everything else.

Of all the changes we made in here last year, I love these antique doors and glass knobs most. 

They all came from the old house and were restored and hung by yours truly last spring while Luis was injured.
I used dummy knobs on the closet doors and rim lock sets on most of the others, but two of the doors had mortise locks, so I just added hardware and a knob. Let me tell you that retrofitting antique doors is a lot of work and not a quick and easy process. It is, however, more than worth it to have beautiful, solid wood doors. There are five doors in this room alone.

There is something special about knowing my great grandfather, grandparents, father, and other assorted relatives opened and closed these same doors, and that we are continuing to use them now. 

I love my summer bedroom *so* much and am really enjoying the pops of bold color. I think the fact the walls are white makes the color pop even more, but it's still light and bright. I really love the vintage vibe, but with a modern and fun bohemian flair the sarees and Chinese silk give the room, which keeps it from looking dated.

This is definitely a hint to what the rest of the house looks like for summer! I'll be sharing summer decorating room by room and hopefully inspire you to make some bold choices in your own home.

Thanks for stopping by:-) 

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  1. Love all your bright color, Anita. It looks perfect with your antiques and vintage pieces. Those silks were a great jumping off point. Your lamps bringing in that oriental look really add to the fun vibe!

  2. I like how you incorporate everything that speaks to you, but the base is your family heritage. Beautifully done Anita, Kathleen in Az

  3. Oh I do love it all Anita. I am on a pink kick at the moment, can't seem to get enough. This bedroom looks totally amazing.

  4. Love it Anita! While I haven't gone with white walls, I have noticed when I cover the sofas with white quilts the pillows take center stage. Your bedroom is pretty in pink!

  5. Gorgeous room and decor... love that old door too. I shall be back


  6. Amazingly beautiful my friend! Sorry I have not been by in awhile. I hope all is well and that school is out. We have two more days here.

  7. What a beautiful place to rest or let the creativity flow!

  8. Your room is beautiful! The colors are wonderful and I love the other accessories you've chose. The fern really adds a lot to the space...I never think to add ferns to bedrooms.

  9. Beautiful. It all works together so well.

  10. Anita, You have such a nice decorating style that I believe you can make all rooms lovely. The summer colors are refreshing and I like this. Seeing your other rooms will be fun!

    Blessings to you,

  11. Such a beautiful room. Love all the color you used throughout.

  12. I love all the vibrant colors and your DIY mantel looks amazing- what a clever idea! It shows, that you put your heart into decorating this room :)
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  13. I so love the bright and beautiful colors in the room....I am still amazed about you coming up wit the idea to use the sarees...such a wonderful idea...and must say that the antique iron bed is exquisite....always love how you decorate the
    door/mantel for each season...always done so beautifully...enjoyed the tour Anita!

  14. Anita, I adore your colorful, textured filled room. It all looks comfy and welcoming on those gleaming hardwood floors.

  15. I absolutely love how each piece in your room has it's own story, especially those gorgeous paintings by your uncle...I better not show my husband-he'll be wanting them for himself!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  16. Where does the chandelier come from?