Friday, September 6, 2019

The box is back!!

If there is one thing I'm known for, I'd say it's the long box centerpiece. About eight years ago, my husband made a long box for me out of some of my grandfather's scrap wood and a pallet my dad brought home. It was super popular, and still to this day posts with that box are my most popular pins and also generate most of my blog traffic. In fact, people steal my photos to sell their boxes, etc. Seriously. We started making them to sell in my etsy shop, and eventually I sold that first one when a buyer requested that exact size. Anyway, at that point, they were everywhere so I tired of using it. But never fear, because the box is back😉

Or at least a new version of it!! 

Last Saturday was my birthday, and I was in the planning process for shooting a fall tour and kept making comments about my indecision with a table centerpiece. My husband knows me, and he said, "I'm going to make a box for you. What size do you want?" Well I didn't have to think too hard about that, so I had him make one 3.5' long. I then spent several hours distressing and finishing it to my liking - of course using all my grandfather's old tools.

Then, of course, because I'm just that way, I couldn't decide what to do inside. I knew I wanted all natural and something with apples and pears. I also wanted to add some type of candles so there would be light. 

So about 11:30 Sunday night, I finally figured it out and got my new box just how I wanted it. 

For now anyway😉

Y'all, I'm so happy with this look and so happy to have a box back on the table!

I lined the bottom with floral foam because I wanted my items higher inside, and that gave me a place to stick in the taper candles. I then added spanish moss and placed my fruit on top along with some pinecones, seed pods and other little things from outside. 

I love, I love, I love it!! It's not that complicated, but has big impact and can be moved off the table easily if needed.

There are so many possibilities for inside the box, as well as different candle ideas.

And here it is on my table, which I'll share in my fall tour Monday!! 

Here is an older post with 17 ways to decorate a long box so I'm sure you'll find plenty of ideas there.

Please come back on Monday as I will be sharing a home tour with lots of inspo, and you should know it will be *very* different from everyone else. That's just the way I am😊


  1. Such a lovely compliment to your beautiful home and perfect for the season.

  2. Anita, so glad you got a new box! I have one that’s about half the length of yours. You’ve inspired me to get it out of storage!

  3. I love your long box. I read your prior posts of all the ways to decorate it. Just beautiful.I have some ideas popping in my head! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your kitchen definitely says Autumn!!! Love it!

  5. Just beautiful, Anita! It just beckons one to come sit at your inviting.♥️

  6. Anita, that is a beautiful centerpiece. I have been meaning to comment also on how great your kitchen looks with the wood paneling that you brought in. It is so warm and inviting. I love it and am glad you added that to your home. I do like how you are not cookie cutter in your decorating. I always smile when one of your blog posts arrives in my email box!
    Happy Fall!
    New Hampshire