Monday, January 20, 2020

Victorian Chairs

Oh the joy of facebook marketplace😊 You just never know what you might find there, and I have discovered it to be the best resource in my particular area for all things antique and the best deals.

I wasn't really looking for chairs, but I stumbled across these antique Eastlake Victorian chairs and could not pass them up.

After checking out the seller online, (doesn't everyone do that?) I arranged to meet her and take a look. Apparently, they were in her uncle's home, and she had wanted to use them but decided not to. 

Originally $300, she marked them down to $225. Because I very rarely buy anything, and they are very nice antiques, I decided they would be a good investment. 

And oh how happy I am to have them!!

Everything about these chairs is just perfect for my room, and the color is so amazing in person.

Such beautiful detail with the brass casters and fine carving that mark an era when fine furniture was the norm.

They look so pretty with my great grandmother's table. 

I also love how the solid color helps separate the curtains from the similar patterned Persian carpet.

They are really comfortable as well, and are a perfect complement to the mantel I made out of wood from the old house.

They really do complete my Victorian parlor, and I couldn't be happier to give them a new home.

But wait, that's not all!! 😊😊😊

I've been working on another project with the millwork from the old house, but I'll share that later!!

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  1. Anita,
    They are stunning! What a find!
    They are a perfect fit for your decor!

  2. ABSOLUTELY beautiful! It was just meant to be.

  3. Wow! The upholstery is in perfect shape.
    And the woodwork works so well with the mantle piece.

  4. Yes, you needed those Chairs! They go so well in the room. Great price too.

  5. Those are some beautiful chairs! I love Eastlake style. They look great in your home. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.
    New Hampshire

  6. Beautiful and I love the jewel colors!

  7. Such nice chairs! I like the carving. That little kerosene heater looks so pretty with the candle light shining through. Such a nice warm inviting room.

  8. Lovely chairs!!! Fantastic find.