Monday, June 1, 2020

Franciscan Desert Rose on the porch

I used to share a pretty table at least once a week, and I'm not sure what happened along the way, but it's something I'd sure like to get back to so I pulled out the Franciscan Desert Rose and headed out on the porch.

I used an old lace tablecloth over a dropcloth for the table.

Taffeta napkins I made years ago bring out the pink and green in the china.

My mother's maternal grandmother had this china, and my mother had a set she passed on to my niece. I bought mine a few at a time on eBay about six years ago.

The repousse pattern of the 1893 Wallace Louvre sterling flatware is perfect for this floral dinnerware, and it needs to be used and enjoyed - not put away in a drawer.

The sterling iced tea spoon is actually Alvin Bridal Bouquet (1932), and I love that it coordinates so nicely with the Louvre.

I used my Indiana Glass Whitehall iced tea glasses as this shade is sooooo perfect and peachy/pink😊

A rustic arrangement of snowball and pink dogwood blooms ties everything in together.

How easy it is to put a few things together for a pretty table. 

Funny enough, I have seen many articles about how the younger girls do not want the old china, silver, etc., but I have found a lot of young women through instagram who are really into antique and vintage flatware, china and crystal, so there is hope that such a beautiful tradition will keep on going.

So I think I'll start setting some pretty tables again myself💕

I'll be joining:


  1. I love Dessert Rose, and paring it with pink Indiana glass and your diy napkins just makes the loveliest table! Do make this "a thing" again! We could all use some inspiration! Thank you Anita, you are so talented! Marie

  2. This is such a beautiful tablesetting. I love the china pattern, one my all time favorites.

  3. I love Desert Rose and have a lot of it, the original factory was near to my home and I slowly acquired quit a bit and lots of the service pieces as well. I also have the Apple pattern. In the spring and summer months I display the Desert Rose in my kitchen cabinet and in the fall and winter, the Apple. I love the way you have used it in your beautiful table setting - gorgeous!

  4. That is beautiful flatware!

  5. Hi, Anita, I just love your style! Desert Rose was the first set of dishes I bought for my first apartment. I have collected so many more patterns and styles since my youth! Your table settings are just perfect. I love the vintage silver, Alvin Bridal Bouquet, so beautiful. Thank you, for sharing your home and great ideas.

  6. A most beautiful table setting. My sister has a set of dishes such as you do and I do believe the pattern is one of the prettiest I have seen. The gentle soft color and how the roses are painted, so beautiful. Those glass are so pretty too. Lovely silver ware. When ever I see iced tea spoons, I buy them if they are not too expensive. I like collecting the small ones for tea cups also.

  7. THanks for sharing your beautiful table. Oh I adore all your silver! I have the whitehall in Green, a wedding present many years ago.