Monday, January 11, 2021

Cozy vintage winter bedroom

The cold nights of winter definitely call for a warm, cozy bedroom. Down comforters, quilts, thick wool rugs and warm colors are always my go-to elements for a snug and comfy room.

For winter, well all year round actually, I want my bedroom to feel like a cave. In the summer it's cool and dark, and in the winter, it's warm and cozy. This dark gray, Kilz Color Collection Dark Umber, has worked well in every season.

I definitely have a different look going for this season, using things I already had, based on a quilt my paternal great grandmother made. I put down the Yahyali rug I brought back from Turkey, and it not only warms up the cold, hardwood floors, but adds some color and texture as well tying all the elements I have in the room together.

My great grandfather, here at his home in Florida, bought this property for his summer residence in the early 1900s. 

The Harden mission settle was in the old house originally, sold to a neighbor, then graciously gifted back to me by a neighbor for a birthday several years ago. My late uncle painted the painting, and the dresser/mirror combo were inherited from a relative who had no children of her own.

My great grandmother's pin cushions are just wonderful to display.

I really wanted to use this quilt that was in my parents' attic, so I put away the red floral curtains away for now and brought in some plaid drapes I made years ago. I also made new ticking stripe pillow shams and plaid shams out of fabric and lace trim I had.

If you've been here a while, you know I found the bed here and restored it several years ago. 

The antique medicine cabinet was also a restoration project last winter, and I left it just as my grandparents did.

This quilt, though, was the inspiration for the entire look.

It’s all wool and has little animal appliqu├ęs all over. 

I believe it was made with scraps and material from old suits, pants, etc. 

I made the plaid pillow shams with crochet trim and ribbons just to add a little fancy.

I also made the ticking stripe shams from a darker blue and added eyelet trim.

I brought some other throw pillows I had made as well in dark, coordinating colors and textures.

A quilt my maternal great grandmother made is at the foot of the bed on my grandmother’s trunk. 

Of course y’all remember the doors I restored and hung are from the old house. The little boy’s gown belonged to my grandfather, and the white gown to his sister. My grandmother made the pink lace robe. 

I wanted this room to look as if it could be in my great grandmother’s house, which is still here in the community. 

It really is a warm, cozy room and one I do not forget to be thankful for. I believe those little things really are the big things, and home is more important to me than ever in these days of uncertainty. 

We are all facing different things, so offer grace, forgiveness and love to those around you, and be thankful for every blessing❤️

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  1. WOW! That old quilt would surely keep a body warm as it was so heavy. And the picture of Great Grandmother Knight's house is wonderful.

    1. It sure is heavy!! I wonder who used this quilt, and when exactly she made it?

  2. Your rooms in your home are like walking through a living museum! I love them and the fact that you connect each object with family in your lineage. What a treasure and bless you for valuing those things. That brass bed is a beauty! I love what you have done with the room. When my grandmother died and we were cleaning out her home, I asked my mother if anyone had thought to check the attic (which was through a hole in the hallway ceiling). She said, "I don't think there is anything up there" and I said, "well we should check." To our surprise and delight was a large old trunk filled with treasures none of us had ever seen....two beautiful quilts, one a crazy quilt in dark velvets and old ties and another called Grandma's Flower Garden made by my great great grandmother. My sister and I each got those. Many other things that I only wish my grandmother had marked....such as an old wool Stagecoach overcoat with the high stand up collar that we donated to a museum, and many other things. One was a beautiful twisted wood walking stick that I have "imagined" coming from the highlands of Scotland where my ancestors came from. People need to MARK things for future generations or at least have a list somewhere! Anyway.....thanks for sharing your lovely things.

    1. Oh my goodness, what treasures you found!!! Yes people definitely need to identify things, and I've been thinking about making sure I do that with what I have or no one will know in the future.

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment:-)

  3. Your bedroom is just beautiful. I do love how you continue to honor those of your family in the use of things they made and used. I know they would be happy to know you are caring for their things. I have 2 questions. you make and sell the pillow cases/shams? And 2....does the dark color in your bedroom ever make the room feel like it’s closing in around you? The dark color looks cozy, so in that sense I think I might like it. But I wonder if I’d be tired of it in the Spring and summer.

    1. Thanks Cindy!! Well, I thought about adding some of those to my shop and never got that far. If people are interested, I might do that:-)

      The color - For now I love the dark feel and it's so easy to accessorize against a dark color because everything pops. I loved it in spring and summer because I was using the red floral drapes and white lines, but you might get tired of it if you really love light and bright. You could always try one accent wall and see how that goes. East to repaint if you don't like it!!

  4. It’s so cool to have things that old that actually belonged to your own relatives. I think you’ve done a beautiful job of making them useful. I too have some things but not nearly as much as you. I love that quilt. I have one too but I doubt it’s as old as yours. There’s just something about your home that intrigues me and I love coming to visit.

    1. Thank you so much for that:-) I have worked so hard trying to make all these things work in my home over the years, and I'm so thankful to be able to care for them and pass on to the next generation someday:-)

      I really do hope the things I use tell a story and are unique, and hope it inspires others to use what they have as well:-)

  5. Once again, your home wraps me in feelings that all of us definitely need: beauty, hospitality, comfort, nostalgia... When things we love are used as the basis for our decorating, they're bound to be perfect--and yours are.

  6. Thank you for this lovely post. I can look at this room in any season of the year and you definitely make it so inviting.