Summer Porch…

Hi everyone! I thought I would share one of my porches for Metamorphosis Monday, hosted by Susan at “Between Naps on the Porch.”
This is how it looked last year.
So with a little help from a very inexpensive grapevine wreath from Wal-Mart, and some equally inexpensive silk flowers, I came up with a wreath for the front.
 It was a very easy project. All I did was cut the stems I wanted, then wire them on to the wreath. Can’t be easier that that, and a serious bargain–maybe $10 at most.
That prompted me to take a second look at these outdoor pillows at Walmart.
I had red cushions last summer, but my parents got a cat and he loves to sleep on these chairs. The cat hair drove me crazy on the red cushions, so I got these out that actually came with the chairs. He will not come near them for some reason:-) I liked the pop of red with the additional pillow, so I went with that. 
Early evening…
I searched for these hanging fixtures last year because I wanted to get close to these antique Southern Railroad lanterns I found in my dad’s garage. It’s 100 years old and would fit about 6 cars if it were not full of treasures. I don’t need to go to a flea market because I have one right here:-)
I just love the afternoon light here, plus it’s lovely streaming in on the dining table. I appreciate so much those little things we sometimes take for granted…like sunlight.
So it’s not a huge metamorphosis, but those little things can really make a difference! Hope you enjoyed the front porch! I have two more to go, but first, I have a very tropical table coming Thursday with some 222 Fifths china my mom let me borrow.  But first, just sit a while here and enjoy the sound of the creek and the cool mountain air:-)