Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Joining antique wood for countertops...

The countertop building continued today as we got all the boards glued and clamped. My countertop is really taking shape now! 

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Luis marked the places he wanted to add biscuits on both sides of each joint as the biscuit will go in one side, then fit into the other side like a puzzle.

After marking the lines, he used the biscuit jointer to cut the holes in each corresponding side. 

I think there were 36 holes like this one...

Then we tried to work quickly as we applied wood glue to each piece and inserted the biscuits. 

I brushed the glue with a paint brush to evenly coat the edges...trying not to get any on the surface because it is a pain to get it off completely.

We quickly got everything lined up and clamped-- ready to dry overnight. 

This process took a couple hours with both of us working together. 

My excitement only continues to grow as this project gets closer to completion. I experimented with stains and finishes on some extra pieces of wood, and still cannot decide what I want. I'll show you the options next post. 

Thanks for following along with us on this journey! If you have questions, I am trying to answer them as I go, plus you can also come over to FAR on facebook to follow along. 

You can see the other steps in the process HERE. 


I'll be joining:


  1. It is going to be just fabulous Anita!

  2. Thanks for sharing Anita, looks gorgeous already!

  3. I know it will be beautiful when you finish. Great work!

  4. So jealous! It looks great. Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  5. My husband and I are looking at making our kitchen countertops out of reclaimed wood...thanks for the info! (Stopping by from French Country Cottage.)