Thursday, December 19, 2013

~Country Christmas Home Tour~

I finally realized there would be no snow for Christmas this year and went ahead and took "snowless" outside photos for the first time in the five years we have lived here.

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That's ok, I love the beautiful sunshine too:-)

Welcome to our country Christmas home all decked out in traditional red and green...on the outside anyway.

My mom has a friend who makes these beautiful wreathes up in Tennessee, so I used this one between the french doors. I added the tartan ribbon to the red bow she made.

Since I had faux wreathes for the french doors and all the other windows, I simply added different varieties of fresh greenery to each one so they all work well together. I love how they turned out.

I only added the greenery to the ones on the front porch because no one gets close enough to the others to notice.

Some of you have seen the inside on different posts, so I'll just highlight a few things:-)

All of my Hemlock trees came from the woods. I spotted this one last year and knew it would be perfect.

I couldn't love it more all decked out with vintage Shiny Brites, crocheted  and hand cut paper snowflakes, vintage tinsel, icicles, popcorn and my great grandmother's glass beads.

Jewel Brite angels from my childhood:-)

Stockings I made from upholstery remnants for the children are ready for Santa to fill. 

Of course, our home is always filled with music, and we are all enjoying the piano in its new spot.

Now on to the kitchen where there is always hot coffee, and sometimes a donut for my dad:-)

The bedroom is dressed in retro Christmas decor this year...

As you can see there is no snow in sight for the mountains.

We did get some beautiful and rare Rime ice this week...

This is just above our house...

Our creek...which was very cold and I had the tripod in the water to get the shot. 

Home sweet home:-)

So that will have to do instead of snow for this year:-)

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Your home looks so lovely Anita. As I was scrolling through the photos, I was thinking that it would make a lovely Bed and Breakfast! Every room looks so gorgeous!

  2. Thanks so much for the tour. Your home is beautiful, snow or no snow. I can see how much you love living in your home. All of your holiday decorations are so lovely. Happy Holidays!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. Your holiday home is simply magical!

  4. Absolutely stunning, Anita! Merry Christmas!

  5. Your country home looks beautiful, Anita! I love how you added fresh greens into the faux wreaths. Such a great idea. Your living room looks so lovely and I wouldn't mind sitting out on your porch with that beautiful sunshine.

  6. Anita, your home looks so warm and inviting and festive. I am enjoying all the little touches especially the collection of bowls and balls on the piano. And then there are the hemlock trees. [my heart!!!] What lovely and peaceful sanctuary you have created...inside and out!

    Wishing you and yours the most joyous Christmas and blessed New Year!

  7. Your porch is AMAZING as is the inside of your home. there are just too many thing that I love about it to start listing, instead I'll just say you've done an amazing job making your home look festive and pretty for the holidays.

  8. It looks beautiful inside and out, Anita. I love all the vintage finds you have decorated with and your tree looks so much like the ones from my childhood. I love it. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! Pamela

  9. I really enjoyed the tour of your lovely home. It just feels like a home should! So many beautiful displays! And the property you live on is just amazing.

  10. Your home is gorgeous! I love all the special touches you've add to create a warm and inviting place for friends and family. I love your kitchen curtains...they are so pretty! Thanks for the's stunning!

  11. Well, we never have snow down here, so I think your house looks quite normal without it! Such a great Christmas tree! I've been searching for two years for one just like it, but can't seem to come up with anything but a farm grown - over shaped - pointy version. Why can 't my woodlands be filled with cute little trees full of personality?

    Lovely job.

  12. Holy canolli! Every time I visit I am greeted with a treasure trove of eye candy, but you always capture warmth and love through the connection/meaning behind those objects. I am always happier and feel lighter when I stop by, your home is amazingly gorgeous and your love for it shines through. Thank you for a great start to my day, all my love to you and yours in this season and all year! ~Erin

  13. My, your home is truly beautiful! One of the nicest that I have "toured" this season :). Have a wonderful Christmas. ~Beth

  14. A very Merry Christmas !
    May the New year 2014 be a wonderful year for you.
    Myriam :)

  15. Anita, your home is just amazing! I'll be featuring this post today at Be Inspired! thanks so much for joining in!