Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary.

They were married in 1961 in the parsonage of Waynesville's First United Methodist Church. 

Here they are on their way to church right before they married. My mom was barely 18. They look so classy and elegant. 

Of course my daddy was the cutest guy around...

...and my mom the most beautiful.

My brother and I are blessed beyond belief. 

They are both truly amazing, talented, unselfish, hard working and most importantly, wonderful Christian examples.

I could not love them more:-)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!


  1. And they certainly raised a fine daughter! This tribute made me cry, Anita... In a good way. :-)

    February was my parents' anniversary, too, and I did a tribute to them on my blog. I miss them every day of my life.

    I think how blessed we were to have Christian parents who loved each other and us,, and I thank God every day for that and for the fact that I will see them again some day and never have to part from them again. What a love gift from The Lord!



  2. And please wish them a Happy Anniversary from me! xo

  3. Many, many blessings to your dearest! Yes, they were handsome, your mom was a real beauty. Now they're a very handsome couple and I wish them lots of God's blessings for many more years together!

  4. I love seeing wedding photos, they are an adorable couple!

  5. Beautiful post, Anita! The photos are gorgeous! Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

  6. Happy, Happy Anniversary to your parents. What a beautiful wedding picture. What a darling, sweet couple they make. xo Diana

  7. Happy Anniversary to your beautiful biscuit making mama and her handsome husband! (I pinned her making biscuits so that's what I think of when I see that picture at the end. ) In the other pictures, especially one of them, she looks exactly like YOU.

  8. Happy Anniversary to your parents! A beautiful couple indeed! You look JUST like your Mom, gorgeous!

  9. Happy Anniversary to your parents. Their wedding pictures are so pretty. You are indeed blessed to have them in your life.

    They look wonderful. I know they appreciate your tribute.

  10. awwwwwwww.... Happy anniversary to ... obviously... an amazing couple!!! The pics are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing!!

  11. So sweet! Congrats to your Mom and Dad.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper