Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Listening to the radio...

Everybody knows I have a big thing for vintage...everything --from art, furniture, books, silver and Christmas decor all the way to electronics and old calendars. My heart skipped a beat when I ran across this vintage radio while casually strolling through a local indoor flea market. 

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It was $15. And I walked away. Really. But when I told my husband about it, he drove back to get it for me. (He is the most awesome husband:-)

This "Juliette" Solid State AM/FM clock radio from 1965 works amazingly and sounds great. It has taken center stage on the buffet along with some old books and was just what I needed in that spot. 

I have always loved listening to classical music in the mornings on NPR, and there is something about how it sounds on a vintage radio that I love. It makes no sense, because we are musicians, we should listen to music on a really expensive audio system. Go figure. It's the retro spirit in me, I guess. If I could only find an old TV...


  1. It's in really good shape Anita! Love the analog clock on it.

  2. We have an old radio that belonged to my husbands grandmother that we love to use. It has been packed a way for a while but now that our son and his wife have moved to their own home I think I can find a place for it again. Yours looks great!

  3. Anita,

    She's a beauty! It is really neat that she works. Brings back some great memories.
    Vintage is all the rage. May you come across lots of vintage treasures.

    Have a super week,

  4. I like the clock on it, too! Great find!
    I'm your newest follower....yay!

  5. My mom and dad bought me a clock radio for my 16th birthday...I'll be 63 April 7th...thanks for the memories!

  6. Wow! What a neat find! Your husband IS a doll for going back to get it for you! What a guy!!! Aren't we lucky that people didn't just throw things out? Maybe in another 50 years someone will be enthralled to find a landline telephone or a laptop computer. We just never know what may be considered "vintage gold" in the future!

  7. It's beautiful to my way of thinking! I love things like that, and I get what you mean about the classical music even sounding prettier on a vintage one. What a wonderful husband Luis is.

  8. I love these old radios! My late mother-in-law had a pretty turquoise one in the kitchen. I'm not sure where it went but I think it's in someone else's home now. :(

  9. It's fantastic! I love the "font" they used for Juliette, though I don't think they used the word "font" back then, ha ha. Great find. I'd love it if you'd join my History & Home link party, starts each Tuesday at 5am Eastern, runs through Friday. Take care! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com