Monday, August 4, 2014

Choosing a favorite photograph and progress on the girls' room...

So many people have been asking me about buying the beautiful photographs my husband captures, that we have been looking at vendors for canvases and prints. Ironically, I was also contacted by two different companies about canvases and had to choose some for printing. Those of you who know his photography from my facebook page, know what a hard choice that is to make! 

For hanging in the house, I prefer photographs that look as if they could be paintings, so I chose this one of the pier in Carolina Beach, N.C.

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To go with it, I chose one I captured of our children. I really wanted to remember this moment and fell in love with it...especially after Luis worked his editing magic so it would coordinate with the other one better.

One of my absolute favorite photos is this one of my uncle Tommy's barn. It belonged to my maternal grandparents, and my brother and I spent many summer days there helping my grandmother in her garden...or the "field" as she called it, which stretched for *miles* in the hot summer sun. What wonderful memories those are for me. I chose this one in a 16 X 20. 

Since I wanted to pair two photos, I also chose this one to go with the barn. It is one of the first photos he took and from the Blue Ridge Parkway. It truly captures the essence of the mountains for me --especially with the Balsam trees, which I have always loved. 

They are all ordered, so I can't wait to get them and see how they look. We should be able to pick a vendor then we can offer hand-signed prints, canvases, etc., and offer everyone a choice from his amazing gallery of photos. 

I am also working on the girls' room and after measuring, found that I really could put two twin beds in the room and not crowd it up as much as I thought. I'm thinking something like this but with the light grays and purple they want--or at least the 14 year old wants. I never realized getting them to agree on something would be this hard. But that's another story:-) Knowing how permanent a loft would be, I am a little afraid to go that route, even though it would give them more privacy. 

Of course cleaning and organizing the room so I can actually start the fun part is not going very fast. It will be worth it in the end though...I keep telling myself.

That's what's happening at our house this week:-)

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  1. Anita, those photos are gorgeous. He is really good. Love the inspiration pic for the girls' room.

  2. I am in total love with the photos that your hubby took and look forward to being able to possibly purchase them in the future...they are magnificent..and how great they would look in your girls' room!...

  3. I've been sort of consumed with finding wall art lately. What I want is something that means something to me. I love your husband's photos. He is clearly so gifted in so many ways. I tried to look at the previous post about the girls' room, and I keep getting a stupid malware warning. I have no idea why because I can read this one. I hate it when the computer goolies mess with my blog reading time.

    I do love the pinterest photo that you showed. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful photos! They will look great on canvas!