Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Progress on the girls' room...

I think I can, I *still* think I can. Repeat. 
Things are progressing in the girls' room...slowly but surely.
We finally chose a paint color, and it was not easy. I wanted a lighter gray tone, but the light in the room just made them all look either too warm or too blue.

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We ended up choosing "Persian Seed Pearl" Colorplace at Walmart. I have to say as pleased as I have been with this paint in the past, and after using expensive brands to compare to, I was very disappointed in the consistency of this one. It dripped and dripped and dripped some more. But, I will say that two light coats covered the pink, and my little helper and I were able to stay on top of the drips.

The color is truly fabulous. We all love it and the room looks so fresh, clean and bright now.

I am, however, way behind. We have so many other things going on that this project seems to be going at a snail's pace despite my intentions to get it done by Saturday. 

Several things are ordered and on the way, though.

The crystal chandelier should arrive Thursday. It was a bargain at $83 and free shipping.


I ordered twin matelasse coverlets and pillow shams. 


I seriously found a bargain in these twin duvet covers with the colors they wanted, so I will use this fabric as a jumping off point for the rest of the room and see what I can find at my local fabric store that coordinates.


I have painted Isabelle's dresser, and it is way beyond what I could have ever imagined. 
Some of you might remember this is the dresser I meticulously stripped of its white paint several years ago and you are probably wondering WHY I, a wood purist in every sense, would even *THINK* of painting it. It was always painted, and that's how I remember it in my grandmother's house, so I'm sure she would approve and that's honestly all that matters to me:-) Just wait until you see it...

Things I still need to do are:
 -find bed frames and come up with something for headboards
-paint a dressing table and mirror
-paint antique washstand
-final coat of wax on existing armoire and dresser
-find a decent small armoire
(There are a couple armoires on craigslist that could be perfect, but they are about an hour away, so we haven't had a chance to look at them yet)
-find fabric for over bed
-find window treatment fabric
-find throw rugs 
-find or make bed skirts
-accent pillows

I'm trying not to panic. Really I am--even though I have depleted my already low budget for this makeover, I know I can make it happen. And I'm determined to make it happen because my girls deserve a pretty room.

Looking at the bright side, it is coming along, and I'm really excited about how it's going to look when I'm finished--eventually.


  1. Anita, I can only imagine how beautiful this room is going to be! That chandelier is gorgeous! I thought of you often, as I was pulling family heirlooms together, for my girls. It really is nice to see those old, familiar pieces being used again!

  2. Love that chandelier...excited to see how this room turns out!

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  3. You should chat with Sweet Melanie about ideas for bedheads.I love natural timber but can definitely imagine the dressing table being painted white.A friend of Melanie's and mine called Gry Cavendish has an armoire as well as other pieces of furniture to give away but I'm not sure where you or Gary are located so you's can collect the free furniture if you are interested.I'm sure that Melanie can put you in touch with him.The chandelier is gorgeous as is the ideas that you already have for the room.Many blessings to you.Lisa Noomford from Down Under South Australia.

  4. I feel your pain... I have been doing both girls rooms at once. I will try to show Morgans soon! Looks great so far!

  5. Fun to see what you are doing and will be great to see finished room.
    Like what you are doing.

  6. I love what you have done so far! I recently when through the ordeal (because I must be overly dramatic and call it an ordeal... I just must...) of choosing a light taupe for my living room walls. It was the gray component in the color that was causing all the drama. I finally shucked taupe and did t.n instead. I can appreciate how hard it is to pick a gray!) This room is going to be gorgeous. I just know it.

  7. Oh is this is going to be one breath taking bedroom - it already looks so European !
    And that vanity has my heart pounding - truly - I almost gasped out loud when I saw - can't wait to see it painted!

  8. Looks like you have beautiful plans for the room...it will be gorgeous!