Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas music room

The music "room" in our home also serves as the front entry. It used to be the dining area, but because it got high traffic, I ended up putting the piano there and moving the dining area to the living area, which was long enough to accommodate it. It has worked much better this way, and I enjoy having the piano in a more open spot.

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I "wallpapered" the wall above my 1886 pump organ this fall with sheet music. The only problem is, we see music when we look at the wall not just paper, so it's kind of funny to be standing there reading the music in our heads!

The antique chinese ancestors are here because I really wanted something red as an accent, and they fit that bill perfectly.

My mom bought the candelabra in Lebanon in 1974. It is simply dressed with a tartan bow cut from fabric. 

Another of the pieces that influenced my color choice was this antique mission settle that my neighbor gifted to me on my birthday. If you remember, it had been in my great grandfather's house here, but was sold when the house was torn down. It stayed here in the neighborhood and she so graciously gave it to me this August. It is just perfect for this spot. I love having it for the kids to drop backpacks, etc., as they come in but it is also a great place to sit with a cup of coffee, or to listen to whoever is playing the piano. My grandmother's leopard coat, which I wear, just felt like the perfect touch. 

Speaking of the old house, my mother found some rare interior photos last Christmas, and I thought it was odd to see my grandmother sitting in a mission rocker in the parlor, thinking all they had was the victorian style furniture that had been passed down. I never knew there was this style furniture in this house, so it was exciting to put it all together when the settle came "home."The tropical fabric, though, has me wondering what she was thinking!

Now you can see why I like the kind of Christmas tree I do:-) I couldn't be happier to have this photo of my grandmother and great grandmother from 1958. And there is that tropical fabric again on the windows:-) 

In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, this is the "old house" my dad grew up in which was torn down in the early 1960s. My grandfather bundled and saved everything from windows, wood flooring, doors, etc., and those are the things we have been adding to our house. 

Back to my house:-) The other Turkish rug ended up here, and I am loving having it break up a little of the wood flooring.

The piano is on the other side so you can see why the settle is a nice place to sit when someone is playing. 

I simply moved the magnolia arrangement I used for Thanksgiving to here, but since I took the photos, I have replaced the apples with nandina berries. 

My mom gave me this vintage hobnail decanter set a few years ago, but it had not been out as I was using pink, so I was happy to display it. 

I put the J & G Meakin "Romantic England" dinnerware in the cabinet and added old silver pieces as well as the Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles" pieces my mom gave me.               


I love this little hemlock tree my 8 year old helped me dig up. It is decorated with popcorn, paper fans and snowflakes, vintage Shiny Brites, cinnamon ornaments the children made and wooden Russian ornaments I bought in Germany.                       

A star my son made in preschool adorns the top. 

I'm still waiting for my dad to come over and sit so I can play Christmas music for him. He loves to listen to me play, and there's nothing more I enjoy than having him here to play for:-)

And speaking of Christmas music, my version of "O Holy Night" is available for download on itunes, and you can also watch the video. It is unique in that the high note at the end is -- well, very high:-)

Thanks for stopping by:-)


  1. Your music room looks beautiful! It is so nice to read the stories of your family and now see these wonderful pictures. I ADORE your tree!! Wishing you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  2. What amazing breath control you have and that last note was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  3. What a treat to listen to you sing this morning. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful song and voice Anita...thank you for sharing it with us, we are so lucky.
    Your mother and grandma were so beautiful as you are.
    Your home looks wonderful and festive, it evokes lovely memories and more serene times.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  5. I enjoy listening to your music. Beautiful Anita!!!

  6. You have a lovely voice Anita. I found your blog reading about your Country Kitchen in Country Woman. Your family history is very interesting, especially incorporating pieces of the old beautiful home into your home. You are very inspirational, Kathleen in Az

  7. Love your red transferware dishes, but I have to admit I'm not a fan of the lighting above the corner cabinet.

  8. I can't find a thing in this room that I don't love, but I have to say...that decanter set is absolutely gorgeous!
    I'm always on the hunt for similar things in our local antique stores, maybe I'll get lucky one day ;)

    xoxo, SS

  9. Beautiful holiday touches in your music the transferware and red decanter set!

  10. I so enjoyed your singing! Thank you!

  11. You are not just a pretty face with a knack for decorating. You have a magnificent set of vocal chords that really rocked that song. "O Holy Night" is my all time favorite Christmas song, and you put a beautiful spin on it, making it sound so reverent and majestic. It's one of those songs that just makes you sit up and take notice that it really is Christmas, but you took it a step even further with that note on the word "divine" towards the end. Good grief, woman!!! You channeled your inner Mariah Carey to hit that note!!! Beautiful!!! Bravo!!!

    Your "music room" is fabulously and so tastefully decked out for the Christmas season, and I love the way you've continued the inviting look of the whole room. The addition of the Chinese ancestors artwork is a cool stroke of genius that I really like. It brings the color red into the space in a non-traditional way that really rocks. All of the touches you have added to the space to bring evoke the spirit of Christmas are just marvelous!

    LOVE that leopard coat! I'm sure you rock it with incredible style and grace. Your Grandmother -despite her affinity for tropical fabric (maybe she was into all things Hemingway?!)- would be very proud and pleased that you continue to enjoy it.

    Merry Christmas to you and Luis! Enjoy this wonderful time of the year and all you have done to make it special in your lovely and loving home!