Monday, July 2, 2018

The Sofa

 Back in the spring, I saw this sofa in a historic building some friends own, which is for sale. It looked like it needed a loving home, and because I was totally smitten with the curvy shape and down filled cushion, I offered to make a trade, selling my french sofa. 

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I loved the nail head trim and the neutral color as well.

Of course, the dark wood also caught my attention.

And the fact that it was so much nicer than the one I had, made it very appealing.

I did not, however, love how it looked with my Turkish yahyali rug. Too much blue, I think, was the issue for me.

So, I layered some inexpensive Afghan Kazak rugs I had gotten from ecarpetgallery's eBay store. I really liked the darker red color with the sofa and several different combinations of pillows I had tried. 

But, none of these is the right size, and even with layering, they don't come out even on the corners, so I started browsing my favorite online sources, although I have no budget to buy a carpet, it's just too much fun to look and dream. Am I right? 

Of course, my first stop is Unique Rug Store in Istanbul, from which I have gotten several sponsored carpets, and also several that I have purchased. They have sooooo many fabulous carpets, so here are a couple of my favorites. 

Then I found this one, and immediately knew it was *the* one. This is definitely my favorite. I generally go for a more tribal pattern, but something about this spoke to me. 

I also found this one on eBay that was open for bids and liked it as well.

Like I said, I have no budget, so I'm happy layering the rugs I have, but I do love to look.

I cannot say how much I am enjoying the sofa, though, and after rearranging the layout in here, I'm loving it even more. I'll share the new layout when I get a chance to shoot some photos. In the meantime, I'll be perusing vintage rugs:-)

***This is *NOT* a sponsored post as I am just sharing my resources.

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  1. Oh I love this sofa too, it is gorgeous and I love the red with it. Beautiful new addition to your room.

  2. What a great choice Anita, I am in love with it too and yes, I love the neutral with the dark wood and of course the shape is wonderful too.
    Hope you decide on the perfect rug.

  3. It is all so gorgeous. How I would love to linger in your home and take in all the treasures!