Monday, July 22, 2019

Pink summer bedroom

It was about seven years ago when I started to use that peachy/pink shade after I found paint drips that color on the backs of some boards from the old house. It was a favorite of my grandmother's.

There were very few using that shade then, but a couple years ago the "blush" trend came out in full force. 

You're welcome😉

In any case, I wanted to add some of that to my reds and grays, so the addition of a pink chenille bedspread my mother let me borrow was the perfect opportunity to do so. 

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Of course, the red floral vintage draperies needed to take a rest, so I found linen drapery fabric with pinks and reds on clearance for under $4 per yard. 

I really wanted to bring back some of my grandmother's pink things, so the vintage chalkware lamp was the first to return. 

A 1950's alarm clock and vase are the perfect bedside accessories.

I knew I didn't want tons of pillows lined up on the bed, but wanted a simpler, vintage look with the pillows folded into the bedspread like my grandmother did it. 

I also pulled some more treasures out of her trunk to use on the other side. 

The white blinds also came down, and I was so happy to get rid of them. I was planning to hang some vintage sheers here, but put up the bamboo blinds for now. I like how they just filter the light slightly.

I also moved the paintings on the far wall to another location.

I'm soooo loving this color combo, and it has made its way throughout the house as well. This bedroom just feels so restful and cool through these hot summer months, and all of these changes except the drapery fabric, were made just by moving some things around. I always love a fresh look, and it doesn't take money -- just some imagination.

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  1. Your bedroom looks so sumptuous and moody (in a good way). What a wonderful room to wake up in.

  2. Anita,
    I absolutely love all the wonderful vintage items that you have added to this lovely room! The drapes are stunning as is the bedspead and it all looks so well against the gorgeous color of your walls!! It looks so charming and tranquil!! Just beautiful!

  3. Lovely, always love things from special people and reusing them in new ways!

  4. I love how you decorate with family heirlooms and vintage items! The pink in the bedroom is so pretty and romantic!