Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Silver summer buffet

Well hello everyone! We are experiencing the heat of August here in the NC mountains, and I cannot wait for that to end. Inside,  though, it's cool, and I'm always changing things around here and there. 

I always enjoy different vignettes on my buffet, because I have lots of things to rotate, and I get tired of the same thing, so I decided to take away the brass and add some old silver. 

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Of course one thing leads to another, so I moved the original painting I had here to another location and replaced it with a window from the old house. 

My mother had gotten this huge silverplated tray years ago, so it's perfect for a large collection.

And just because I wanted to try it, I moved my large table out and brought in the antique dropleaf that belonged to my great grandfather. His oil lamp sits on the table.

I then moved the chairs out just to get a different look. Funny enough, I remember that my grandmother did not leave her chairs around the dining table but always pushed them back against the walls.

Old family photos, great grandmother's cruet set and a few odds and ends of inherited silver and crystal complete this tray and keep it from being too formal. I actually started out with a complete silver service, but it just felt too stiff and boring, so I added in the other textures. I do love the contrast of cool with the warm woods and wall color. 

As much as I love brass and warm accents, it's just too hot for that, and this little vignette definitely has a cooler look, and with this heat, I'll take anything I can get😉

Thanks for stopping by, and please come on over to instagram and see what big project I've been working on!! I cannot wait to share that here😊

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  1. Hi Anita, I have been a follower of yours for quite some time for not too many of treasure the sentimental value of antiques like you and I do. I have followed you in IG for quite sometime but not able to "Like"or leave a comment to engage. Might check out the settings....
    Love your work, love your voice, and that you are a "follower" too.
    Alda Ellis @aldasmagnoliahill.com

    1. That's so weird! To my knowledge no one else has had an issue leaving comments there, and I'm following you as well, so not sure what's up.

  2. Thank you for sharing Anita. Not only does it look beautiful, but the way it brings back memories to you makes it very special.
    Trying to stay cool in Texas, Monica.

  3. Oh I love the silver vignette !!!

  4. Just lovely, interesting that your grandmother pushed the dining chairs out of the way against the wall. Amanda