Friday, August 15, 2014

Girls' Room Update

There is progress in the girls' room, and I *think* I can see the end!

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My vision is definitely coming together and it is more than I could have ever imagined.

The aubergine floral duvet covers, white matelasse coverlets and chandelier have arrived. The chandelier is gorgeous, but came in about a million pieces. I am still working on putting it together and wiring it up. 

I was planning on using old doors for headboards, but since I use doors for everything, and so many other people also use them as headboards, I went a different direction. I found two complete twin bed sets at my local Habitat Restore really inexpensively which I am painting today. Also on the *to paint* list today are a desk and chest, then the furniture painting will be done and I can start getting everything back in the room. 

Then, of course, the fun part will be putting it all together and seeing the worst room in the house turned into a fancy French boudoir for the girls:-)

This process, although pretty stressful, has been an amazing experience for me. I grew up with white French provincial furniture that my grandmother, Isabelle, painted for me. She LOVED that style. I feel like I'm coming full circle seeing my vision of the same thing come together for my own girls -- especially since several pieces of her furniture are in the room. 

She would love this room. How I wish she were here to see it:-)


  1. Pretty, pretty! Can't wait to see the entire thing all put together in it's Frenchy glory!

  2. I can't wait to see it. I am sure it will be stunning.

  3. Anita it's coming together beautifully...I LOVE the treatment you did on their dressers!! Can't wait to see the beds!

  4. Thanks for the tour around your lovely home. Everything is so festive and amazing, I specially love the vignette with the vintage suitcase! Thanks for sharing.
    Girls Bedroom

  5. Anita, I can see the vision in your snippets! I know the room is going to be beautiful!! You have been my inspiration for getting my childhood home together for my girls! Using family heirlooms has been such a blessing!

  6. OH teasers! I'm sure it's going to be lovely, but I'm looking forward to the reveal. I picked up a twin headboard, French style at our dumpsters the other day. I don't have a twin bed in the house anywhere but am trying to decide how I'll use it.

  7. A chandelier in a million pieces, oh my! Looking forward to the reveal.

  8. What paint and color did you use? Did you add holding or highlights? It's beautiful!

  9. From these sneak peeks, I cannot wait to see the room!...I am sure you are feeling the wonderful love of your grandmother in the room...

  10. What type of silver paint did you use on the silver wash stand? I have painted several items silver and have not been happy with the results. Your washstand looks amazing and seems to have a great finish.

    1. HI Georgia, I used Rustoleum spray Metallic in silver. I will post a photo of it when I get a post about the wash stand ready. I love how it worked. I basically sprayed one coat and it covered super well:-)